Tale of Travel, Business, and Self-Care on the Nomadic Road

Tale of Travel, Business, and Self-Care on the Nomadic Road with Hollie Price

In this inspiring episode of The Entrepreneurial Age podcast, we speak with the dynamic Hollie as she shares her remarkable journey from a corporate job to becoming a digital nomad and intrapreneur. Hollie delves into the importance of manifesting your goals and tapping into your intuition to create a life of freedom and creativity. She also highlights the challenges and rewards of traveling while running a business, emphasizing the need for self-care and balance. Hollie provides insightful perspectives on her unique approach to copywriting, incorporating tools like Human Design to make it more accessible and authentic. She discusses how this approach allows her to create a fun and creative process that reflects her brand identity and fosters a sense of community.Throughout the conversation, Hollie touches upon the transformative power of following your passion and building a supportive network along the way. Her story is a testament to the possibilities that can unfold when you embrace your intuition and surround yourself with like-minded individuals who can provide guidance, support, and a sounding board for ideas.Tune in as we explore topics such as manifesting goals, tapping into intuition, digital nomadism, intrapreneurship, self-care and balance, copywriting techniques, Human Design, building a supportive community, and the journey of following your passions.

About Our Guest

Hollie Price is passionate copywriter, brand voice mentor and all-round creative. She’s worked for magazines, international companies and ad agencies for the past 7 years but as of 2022, she took a leap into her entrepreneurial era. She now works with leaders and brands contributing to the “feel-better” mission, or, the life-changing side to the wellness industry. Her approach blends sleek marketing strategy, brand-affirming copy, and human design to provide a stand-out service that supports not only business growth, but entrepreneurial wellbeing too. Her head-and-heart approach is the namesake of her business, Heart Head Creative, which endorses the freedom found within balance.