Proven Hacks to Crack the Code of Trading and Entrepreneurship

Proven Hacks to Crack the Code of Trading and Entrepreneurship with Nikola Janjic

In this insightful episode of The Entrepreneurial Age podcast, we talk about the thrilling entrepreneurial and personal growth journeys of Nikola, who overcame numerous challenges to achieve success. Nikola shares his captivating entrepreneurial and trading journey, and we delve into the importance of networking with clear goals and intentions. He emphasizes the value of perseverance, adaptability, and resilience in navigating the entrepreneurial landscape and networking for success. He discusses trading, investing, and risk-taking with a focus on personal growth. Throughout this candid discussion of his experiences of overcoming failure and building resilience, highlights the importance of taking calculated risks and investing in oneself. Nikola underscores the need for a supportive community and a comprehensive program that addresses these issues to help entrepreneurs overcome challenges and achieve their goals. Furthermore, he reflects on his journey from passive investing to trading, realizing the importance of understanding an individual's stage in their financial journey and the pressure to make money in trading and its impact on his business. Join us as we explore Nikola's entrepreneurial journey, the art of purposeful networking, the value of resilience and risk-taking, the power of a supportive ecosystem, and the intricate dynamics of control and adaptability in collaborative environments.

About Our Guest

Born in war-torn Sarajevo, Nikola experienced constant upheaval, moving 10 times and facing economic crises. Dropping out of college, he ventured into entrepreneurship at 19, founding his first travel company and later a nightclub. After selling his stake in the business, Nikola moved to New York to delve into investment and trading. Alongside this, he focused on personal growth, emphasizing the importance of a supportive team. Now, Nikola is dedicated to rule-based trading and sharing his experiences to foster growth and community.