Podcast Inc. Virtual Summit

April 12th

01:00 PM - 02:30 PM EST

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Our Speakers

Introducing our summit's speakers who tagged along to give you the sum of their experience in podcasting industry.

Daniela Garcia

Daniela Garcia is an avid entrepreneur, innovator, and modern day problem solver. Throughout her career, she has created updated solutions and services to fit the needs of today.

Noel R. Bagwell, III, Esq.

Noel is an attorney, author, thought leader, and influencer. He owns ExecutiveLP®, a niche legal practice based in Nashville, TN. ExecutiveLP® provides preventive legal services to U.S. small businesses.

Shahnaz Ahmed

Shahnaz married her love for words, books, and microphones; creating a podcast. A pediatric dentist by profession, she believes in living an authentic life. Navigating her stresses Shahnaz sought solace in her books and went on the journey to rescue herself through reading.

Manish Balakrishnan

Manish Balakrishnan is a veteran digital marketing and technology sales leader with 20+ years’ experience building and selling digital strategy, technology consulting, and executing MVP builds for startups. Currently, he leads both A Digital Agency, a technology services company as well as DSHG Sonic a startup advisory consultancy.