2021 Comprehensive Catalog Of Podcasts About Podcasting

You may feel there is no such a thing as podcasts about podcasting, but they really exist! Podcasts about podcasting are kind of informative and user-oriented when it comes to getting tips from the industry experts themselves. Here we are showing in this blog our comprehensive catalog of podcasts about podcasting. 

The Audacity to Podcast

The Audacity to Podcast is a much-recommended podcast to help you out in the process of learning how to podcast. It’s created by the host, Daniel J. Lewis who helps you with whatever equipment to use, or skills to develop. It was awarded the number #1 technology podcast in 2012 by people's choice. It has over 300 episodes with written blogs to do you a favor in this competitive industry. 

The Feed: The Official Libsyn Podcast

The Feed The Official Libsyn Podcast is hosted by Rob Walch and Elsie Escobar. The two wizards give you all the hints you need to grow your audience & promote your podcasts on several social media platforms. It has 186 episodes so far & it’s still publishing frequently. This is your life savor if you care much about creating a DIY podcast strategy. 

Podcasting Step by Step

Podcasting Step by Step has a cool mix of actionable tips with motivational talks. It’s hosted by Sarah Mikutel. This show promises you interviews & co-hosting talks from industry wizards & influencers in podcasting to keep you motivated & not to give up. It’s important to get inspired while producing your content because we all know that many started & never been back. 

She Podcasts

This podcast has been a success. It has been launched more than six years ago, it has reached 300 episodes so far. It’s a community where they offer support for women podcasters along with their podcasting journey. 

New Media Show

The New Media Show is hosted by two Podcast Hall of Fame Inductees, Todd Cochrane who’s a RawVoice/Blubrry Founder, and Rob Greenlee who’s Content Manager at Spreaker. By interviewing experts with intelligent perspectives, they educate us about what is actually coming about in the podcasting world. They have over 400 episodes and counting. 

Better Podcasting 

Better Podcasting is hosted by Stephen Jondrew & Stargate Pioneer. With almost 250 episodes so far, this show originally started with the weekly format in 2015 & changed into the bi-weekly format last year to create content for hobby podcasters. It keeps updating you with brand-new trends & industry news. 

Podcasting Q&A

Podcasting Q&A provides you with tips and strategies helping out to produce, grow, and monetize your show. It gives you the tricks you need to grow an audience & keep what you already gained, & promote your podcast on different social media platforms. They publish a new episode every Monday. 

Podcast Pontifications

Podcast Pontifications helps already podcast creators with insightful thoughts to make their content sound more professional. It is hosted by O.G. Podcaster and professional Evo Terra. It’s published each weekday, Monday- Thursday.  

The Podcast Engineering Show

The Podcast Engineering Show is a podcast hosted by Chris Curran. On the podcast, he shares with other podcast creators what’s trending with audio editing equipment & industry hacks. He also shows tips & tricks relating to how to grow bigger in this industry. It’s more about leveling up your audio quality. 

Ask The Podcast Coach

With over 330 episodes, Ask The Podcast Coach is a weekly show hosted by Dave Jackson. Jackson has been helping people out launch their shows since 2005. Every Saturday, he is joined by Jim Collison, together they have 20 years of podcasting experience and coaching. So when they answer your questions through chatbox, they know well the right answers.

After mentioning our list, we wanted to assure you that every show has been chosen regarding some standards like still producing, available on several platforms, some are on YouTube too, providing a bunch of actionable tips already worked out for other creators, & definitely adding value & audio production knowledge. 

We all know that podcasting is just a personal way of sharing ideas with other people, but it also requires awareness of industry hacks, tricks, & tips to stand out among other marvelous podcasters. 

This post was authored by our wonderful interns who joined us on November 1, 2020 to learn from and help Podcast Inc grow. The author of this article is Gihad Ahmed from Egypt.