Our Team

Podcast Inc was started to provide existing and aspiring Podcasters a Service partner as well as open up the industry of Podcasting to young marketing professionals to learn and grow with our support

Our Journey With The Interns

We believe in the power of voice and we thrive to empower those who want to tell their stories. The team of podcast Inc. comes from rich and diverse backgrounds with the sole mission of empowering podcasters worldwide. Our culture enables each member of our team to evolve both professionally and personally because we firmly believe that investing in people is the best way to achieve our vision.

Podcast Inc Internship

Our internship program is designed to give interns the chance to learn about the various aspects related to building and managing digital services. Our interns are offered the freedom to pursue their passion and work on the aspects that excite them. By doing so, they would be able to build and develop various skill sets that would help them take their career to the next level. Our internship program aims to ignite the spark of passion in each intern to push them to learn as much as they can during the duration of the program.

We are constantly evaluating updating how we can get more folks interested and intune with Podcasting industry.

We believe that everyone is a superhero. If you would like to join us to achieve our mission of empowering the voices of podcasters worldwide, look below to find out about our opened positions

Join Us at Podcast Inc for an Internship
Asma Gammoudi

Social Media Manager

Taking full responsibility from day one is the key to growth and development for both interns and the company.
Islam El Sayed Shabaan Abdul Wahab


I learned that creativity lies within our skills, we just need the right place to embrace it and make greatness
Nada Almoussa

Content Writer

My first impression was that I will be writing any assigned tasks when I first joined Podcast inc, but after a while I discovered I'm interacting with bright beautiful people who are adding so much to me as a person. It's a whole experience and a safe space where you can manifest any ideas you have
Somaya Ahmed AbuKhalil

Blog Manager

Where’s there’s a will, there’s away. “ Joining Podcast Inc had opened many doors for me to discover my passion for marketing, teamwork, and innovation. When I found my will of working, my eyes were wide open on the opportunities I had. And now, i am on my way to my success and progress.
Ibrahim Basheir Mohamed Elshamy

Social Media Manager

Good team work is the real incubator for success. communication is the locomotive of creativity.