Below we describe all the service which we help Podcast Producers and Hosts with


A succinct summary of Podcast with links and timestamps of memorable discussion

We are happy to work with any length podcast, providing links and background about Guest or Topic introduction, summarizing all the major discussion topics with timestamped call outs and important Links

Audio and Video Editing

Ability to get the raw files and create the finished product to be uploaded directly.

We work with any length Podcast, adding in the Intro, Outro as well as any Sponsor messages. We clean the Audio, remove the fillers, reduce background noise where applicable. We also perform Full ID3 Metadata Tagging.
Our regular delivery turnaround time can be expedited in case you need rush delivery.


With most Podcasters wanting their listeners to visit their website blogs become really important.

With prevalence of 80% of Podcasters needing to get their audience back on to their Web Properties. We hlep in that by converting Podcasts into Blog and using the SEO and keyword juice to make finding you, your business or your Podcast easier in search engines. We transform the Podcast into transcribed text and use Native speakers and writers to create well written blogs which are SEO and keyword friendly.

Listener Analytics

Understanding Podcast numbers across various channels and providing recommendations.

We bridge into and extract data from all channels where your Podcast is heard and create monthly growth dashboard. Analyzing the data of the listeners and history of your podcast we come up with recommendations to improve your listenership with consolidated metrics and growth projections


The transcription is the verbatim text based copy of the Podcast.

Podcast Inc works with an AI Powered natural language processing engine which creates the text from audio. We then have our native language speakers review the transcription to achieve a 99.9% accuracy.


Podcasts have a global reach and the best way to get your voice outside your language is translation

The first step to translation is to transcribe the audio into text and then use that as an input to create the translation into a new language. Currently we have Spanish, Mandarin, Arabic, Portuguese and Tagalog translators and we can do other languages as well based on client requests.


Our Service Pricing

Show Notes
/15 Audio Minutes

Summary of Podcast/ Priced for every 15 minutes

Any Length podcast
Guest Intro and Link
Discussion topics
Timestamped call outs
Important Links
Audio & Video Editing
/Per Minute

Audio and Video Editing for Podcasts measured for every minute

Any length Podcast
Intro, Outro & Sponsor
Noise Reduction, Audio Cleaning
Full ID3 Meta Data Tagging
Rush Delivery Available

Convert your podcast into a blog/ Priced per word

Industry specific writer
Minimum 500 words
SEO keyword friendly
Merge Podcasts into one Blog
Premium support
Listener Analytics
/Per Month

Measuring podcast growth and providing growth reccomendations

Multi-Channel inputs
Monthly growth dashboard
Actionable recommendations
Consolidated Metrics
Growth KPI's
/Per Minute

Verbatim copy of Podcast/ Priced for every minute

Charged by the minute
AI based with human review
99.9% accuracy promise
Expedited delivery available
Packaged with other services

Translate your podcast transcription into other languages for global exposure

Starting with 7 languages
Native speakers of the languages
Increase Podcast reach
Spanish, French, Portuguese
Arabic and Tagalog