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Podcast Inc is the next global go-to podcast production agency!

You have the idea, the equipment, and maybe a long list of prospective guests for your podcast show, now what?

Podcast Inc is here with you every step of the way--from launching your first show to marketing it, monetizing it, and beyond. With our vast network of resources, we'll help you take your podcast to new heights and make it the success it deserves to be!

So what are you waiting for? Let's get started today and make your podcast dreams a reality with Podcast Inc!


We help great Podcasts scale and monetize with our support services.

We are your outsourced Podcast Producer managing the production schedule, and strategizing how to promote the show and performing all the related services for the show


We cover all services needed to make your Podcast excute like a well oiled machine

Social Media Management

Organically growing your Podcast using great copy and outstanding designs for LinkedIn, YouTube, Twitter, Meta, Instagram & TikTok

Audio Production

You record and we do the rest. Creating crisp and flawless audio renditions and getting it uploaded to your host, all done by experts.

Video Production

Video Editing and Production to create a crisp, on brand and a high quality videos to delight the viewing experience of your audience.

Show Notes

Writing the best short copy for your podcast episode to provide a wholesome summary succinctly with links


Convert your audio content into a SEO friendly keyword specific blog article to share

Website Build & Maintain

A website on your own domain created the way you want your Podcast Brand to display and maintained.

Mobile App

Ability to get a custom iOS and Android app for your podcast, build your community and monetize on the app.


AI based transcription followed by human review of the transcription leading to 99% accuracy


Increasing the reach of your podcast transcripts to the non-English speaking audience across the globe

Get Podcast Sponsors

A holistic approach to build the Podcast brand and listenership, engage brands and sign up long term sponsors.

Digital Ads

Getting relevant native Ads for Podcast by increasing the appeal to brands and businesses who are targeting your audience

Finding Relevant Guests

Understanding the mission and vision of your Podcasts and finding guests who will promote your Podcasts voice.


Here’s answers to our most common questions

What is the turnaround time for all these services?

The turn around time for the services differs depending on the length of the Podcast Episode as well as Service in question. Show Notes, the turn around time is 2 days, Transcription and Blogs its 4 days and Translations and Audio and Video Editing it is around 6 days. We also do perform expedited services in case you are in a rush, but that's usually as a one off case.

What if I am not satisfied with the service provided?

We believe that our clients should only receive services of the highest quality and we have an inhouse quality team which will review the deliverables before it reaches the client. But if for any case you are not satisfied, we will promise to rework the deliverable till such time that you are satisfied with the product.

How do you ensure safety of my information provided?

All data shared with us are saved on our secured drives and is only accessible to our team members. When we end our working relationship, we will go in delete all Client information including files and documents within 30 working days.

Why should we transcribe with you rather than working with free services?

There are many free transcription services out there which does perform a decent job of transcribing your Podcast into text-based content. But when there is cross talk or accents involved then the accuracy of these services slips below 95%. We assure 99.9% accuracy because our transcription is created by an AI platform and then reviewed by actual human being with native language capabilities. As a result, we believe we are better suited if exceptional quality is essential for your brand.

How can we engage with your services?

The best way to set up a free consultation call with us and describe your Podcast as well as how you are handling the support services in the current world. We will then come back with a comprehensive plan for your Podcast and how we can support and grow your Podcast

Where is the company HQ’ed?

We are HQ’ed in the State of CT in USA and have offices in NYC as well Boston. We also have international clients and staff in the MENA and South Asia regions.

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Reviews from our clients

Aspen Digoux
Podcast - Fast Business

We have been using Podcast Inc as our outsourced transcription team when my assistant was out. We loved the service and the customer service so much that we continued to use them even though my assistant was back. The quality is spot on and the pricing is a on-par with automated services

Rod A
Podcast - NA

Used their services for my own Podcast agency and would recommend them to others.

Walter Taraska
Podcast - Never Ending Drama

We used the services for Transcription and Translation and are very happy with the deliverable.

Dawn Willy
Podcast - VA's World

Anand and Podcast Inc team helped in creating the weekly blogs and making sure we always had new content to go to for our marketing efforts. They were always available whenever I had questions or wanted some of the Blogs changed or merged and it was a pleasure to work with as well as recommend them to others.

Kelly Xie
Podcast - Crosswalk Arts

The team at Podcast Inc did a great job on translating our blogs from Mandarin and creating our English language Website.

Lillian Drujee
Podcast - Learning Perspective

We had a great time with Manish and team in creating a process for guest intake, automating follow ups, social media management and overall reducing my time spend on running a weekly podcast.


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