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The Entrepreneurial Age podcast
brings you authentic conversations with entrepreneurs about their wins, losses, and lessons learned and gives you a glimpse into the thoughts, habits, and strategies of thriving business owners. Learn from their stories and discover what it takes to make it.

Tune in for inspiration, actionable tips, and an inside look at the realities of building a business.......

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About Our Host

The Entrepreneurial Age podcast hosted by Sarra Messili, CEO of Podcast Inc. She’s a woman who gets things done, whether it’s growing a business or growing her followers. A natural-born multitasker, she effortlessly juggles spreadsheets, strategy and social media while still making time for fun with friends. You’ll love her balance of charisma and pragmatism. She tells it like it is, but still makes you smile. She’s the organized, fun and motivated friend you wish you had.

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