Podcast Inc was started to provide existing and aspiring Podcasters a Service partner to support you in your pathway to being a successful Podcaster

Who We Are

We are a team of podcasters all with a marketing background who got various requests from friends and clients to help with their podcasts. These requests turned to have similar sounding issues including finding help to edit a podcast, not getting enough juice for the SEO in spite of the content, not getting accurate results from automated services or not getting things completed fast enough when using non-specialized support


As we continue to spread knowledge we are on a mission to get young folks with Asia, Africa and South America come and work with us as interns, learn the ropes of the Podcasting industry and then spread the same in their local and regional networks

We are constantly evaluating updating how we can get more folks interested and intune with Podcasting industry.

Please write to us in case you have any questions about our internship cohorts and how you can be a part of this wonderful journey.

our team

Management Team

Sarra Messili
Manish Balakrishnan
Advisor and Technology partner