15 Top Notch Podcasts To Help You Learn A Language On The Go

From language cassette tapes early since primary school days till the world of podcasting nowadays, innumerable things have come to a change but the audio files still rock. It’s easier now and more practical. With the non efficient outcome of textbooks, podcasts really help when it comes to the practical usage of the everyday language expressions. 

Linguistica 360

It’s a method of learning languages through news at a slow pace. The News in Slow is offered in four languages: Spanish, whether Spanish for Spain or Latino, French, Italian, & German. It helps you get acquainted with what’s going on in today's world in your target language plus, learn more about other cultures. 

Language Hacking

It’s a place where you can find interesting & enjoyable language learning hacks. With the gathering of the A-List of languages learners, you can figure out the best, smartest, & easiest way to start learning a language even if you’re not a language menia. 

I Will Teach You A Language

From the guy who managed to learn 8 languages, you’re in good hands when you’re listening to his techniques & hacks which helped him reach his goals & will help you as well. The podcast offers bite-sized episodes each week with entertaining tips & methods.  

Slow Chinese

It’s another podcast series which takes you at a slow pace. The Chinese cultural podcast will feed your curiosity in China & help you learn Chinese as well. There’s a diverse series of topics on language, traditions, & cultural hacks. All are personal & fun stories. 


You sure faced whatever-the-languagepod101 in your search for a material journey of learning a new language. The podcasts contain a stunning variety of languages from Swedish to Thai. They’re fun & short audio podcast sessions to get you speaking the language at your own pace. 

The Actual Fluency Podcast

Do you want to be inspired and entertained? Your destination is the Actual Fluency Podcast which is open to people who’re interested in languages learning. The podcast library has over 180 episodes. They discuss topics like teaching spanish through music, Japanese in 6 months & Dreaming Spanish. 

Coffee Break Languages

Coffee Break Languages follows the motto of learning a language on your coffee break. They provide free podcasts, which helps you learn English, French, Spanish, Italian, German, Swedish or Chinese on the go, wherever and whenever it suits you. 

Survival Phrases

If your target is to learn a little bit of a language, Survival Phrases is your port of call. You can pick one of the 34 available languages & get the short & easy lessons. It offers them all from survival travel phrases, basic conversations & even culture tips. 

Yes Japan 

The Yes Japan Podcast series covers fun conversations about diverse topics related to learning Japanese tricky grammar rules, phrases, & culture hacks which you won’t find in textbooks. It suits learners from upper beginner to intermediate. 

Deutsche Welle

With free podcasts, learn German on the go from Deutsche Welle. It offers more than 50 different podcasts ranging from radio and television programs to specified German courses. From everyday German to slowly spoken news reports to complete language courses, just download and start learning!

Talk in French 

It started with a basic French blog which targets busy French learners but now it’s a whole website offers various products for francophiles. On the website you can find various episodes covering interesting cultural information. Every episode has French words & expressions like “Craquant” which means gorgeous. 


It’s a free tool that supports your Spanish learning. It provides you with vocabulary, phrases, & tips which back up your learning process. It’s divided into channels from humor, kitchen, to history. All you have to do is to pick what you’re interested in & start.

Spanish Obsessed 

It’s a podcast series made by Lis & Rob. Their episodes help you level up your Spanish, whatever your level is. They provide Spanish courses for all levels in a natural & fun way discussing myriad topics. It keeps you engaged & 

The Fluent Show

Quoting from her Fluent Philosophy, Kerstin Cable, a German polyglot, tells us that once you find the right tools and sources to learn a language, it becomes easier. The Fluent Show is a podcast by his German Host Kerstin. It’s available on several platforms like: Apple, Spotify, Google, CastBox, Pocket Casts, & others. It’s a podcast about loving &  living languages. 

30 Minute Italian

With over a hundred episodes, this podcast helps you boost your confidence in speaking Italian in less than 30 minutes. It offers you expressions, grammar tips, & even culture through  a meticulous explanation. It helps you keep up with learning & not to quit. 

If learning a language doesn’t help you impress your clients, it definitely will you spend your time in a productive way. It’s a given that learning languages has limitless potential of improving your skills & keeping you motivated. In the Netflix world, you’re exposed to several backgrounds holding many many new languages.

This post was authored by our wonderful interns who joined us on November 1, 2020 to learn from and help Podcast Inc grow. The author of this article is Gihad Ahmed from Egypt.