2021 Outstanding Podcast Segment Ideas

As humans, we function better under the umbrella of the Pomodoro Technique. Like, our mind works well when we break down the input material (Information)  into intervals. Here comes the influence of structuring your podcast episode into segments. In this blog, we are showing outstanding ideas for podcast segments. 

According to Merriam-Webster dictionary, Segment means a separate piece of something. In podcasting, much like radio style, Segment means a separate part of the show which is assigned to call a certain activity like calls or breaking news on radio shows.

Segments play an important role in putting life into your show. It’s crucial to place a certain segment right well into the episode to keep your listeners engaged & undistracted. You have already paid much time & effort to generate ideas for your podcast segments. It’s not an easy process to pick what matches your podcast culture & mood. 

When Must I Add Segments To My Podcast?

Episodes include three essential elements: Intro, body content, & Outro. When must you add segments to your podcast? The answer to this question is that it depends on you. For example, if your analytics show drop-offs by your listeners in certain parts of the episode. Here you will need to keep them engaged. 

Sure if your content includes unconnected topics being discussed in the same content, you will definitely need to add segments to make it more interesting & organized. Some chunky content requires some breaking up to relieve the general atmosphere of your episode. 

Here comes the time to show you some ideas to apply what you like with a bit of adjusting & modifying to match your podcast culture.

Podcast Segment Ideas

Tell A Story

You can simply set a segment to tell an anecdote other than the stories you usually tell your audience. It really works to keep them engaged. It also can be their favorite part of the whole episode. 

Hit With Recap

Recapping, the hit points, or the killer moments you included in the episode, can be a method of reviewing & summarizing the whole episode for an audience’s better experience.

Interview A Guest

Interviewing can be a stand-out format which you can check out our “Your 2021 Ultimate Guide to Podcast Formatting: Eight Most Powerful Formats”. It also can be featured as a permanent short segment in your episode. 

Review A Product

Even if your niche isn’t reviewing products or whatever. You still can insert a segment for this purpose for a quick review of products you tried or been asked to give your opinion on. It can make your audience come back for me. 

Recommend A Movie/ Book

People love recommendations a LOT. Recommending a good movie or book you’ve already encountered by giving a very quick summary about, will create an interesting & fun segment.

Hashtag Your Content

Hashtags rock. This trick helps you to spread your podcast on many platforms. YouTubers use it & podcasters can too. It will help you grow bigger & create a more intimate atmosphere among your audience. 

Some of the mentioned ideas can open a big door for long episodes & it certainly will help you get closer to your audience & build credibility & reputation in the industry along time.  

This post was authored by our wonderful interns who joined us on November 1, 2020 to learn from and help Podcast Inc grow. The author of this article is Gihad Ahmed from Egypt.