2021 Reasons For Starting A Podcast Right Away

Some might feel like they are not talented or confident enough or even scared of the upcoming much of work required. Well, the bigger the industry grows, the easier it becomes to find accessible services & platforms to begin your territory. In this blog, we’re pointing out why to start a podcast right away. 

Putting Yourself in The Speedy Growing Market

Speaking of which, during the past two years, Spotify is snapping up podcast companies spending more than $600 million & on the very last days of 2020, Amazon Music has assigned an agreement to acquire Los Angeles-based Wondery; with value over $300 million.  Are you still considering starting your podcast?

Spreading Your Brand

If you start a business, podcasting can be august gear for marketing your personal brand & give you such credibility. Whatever the category you’re speaking from, you have a great deal of a chance to create engaging content for your audience keeping them coming back. Podcasts have the potential you need to spread  your brand without  ads money. 

Fast-Digesting for Layabouts & Multitaskers

Podcasts are likely to be listened to anytime & everywhere. All you have to do is act genuinely and create a trouble-free, unchallenging, & effortless content. The Covid-age-living-people tend to get attracted to the simple & to the point. Your voice will be played in the background while doing all the chores.


Well, you got me right. Starting a podcast might help you build & maximize your personal network. It’s not only an incredible way to connect with the industry monsters, but also you can host the experts in your show. It really has innumerable perks like learning new hacks about your niche & creating appealing episodes. 

Competing Less

The market is growing really fast, but still not competitive as YouTube. Podcasting is comparatively new with only 850,000 active podcasts in the US. No doubt people have been chewing more podcasts than ever during the pandemic. Well, it’s a less competitive but needy market that appeals to you to give it a shot. 

After the offbeat 2020, we got to experience a lot of stuff. In the meantime of the loss of some industries, other ones managed to take further steps in the Now marketing. Podcast industry has been lucky enough to grow bigger and bigger during 2020, which gave us limitless reasons for testing our voices.

This post was authored by our wonderful interns who joined us on November 1, 2020 to learn from and help Podcast Inc grow. The author of this article is Gihad Ahmed from Egypt.