All Trivial Concerns About Your Cover Art

Here we will cover some trivial questions that may pop up in your mind when you think of your step of creating your first Cover Art. It’s a given that “Don’t judge a book by its cover”, but we won’t apply this idiom here. People judge your podcast by its Cover Art. 

Should Your Name Be Your Podcast Concept?

If you’re a brand-new podcaster, will your name have a real impact to be shown in the Cover Art? In fact, it’s not that fetching to name your podcast after you. The name should be something that tells about you & what you’re presenting but it also shows that the podcast isn’t about you.

Should Your Face be Cover Art?

Your face on a Cover Art can be really effective if you are already a famous person on whatever online platform or hard copies of magazines or in the community you belong & want to feed. If you’re just starting out your brand so you just need to grab people’s attention to click on your tiny icon. 

Should You Follow Apple Requirements?

It’s important to follow & consider Apple Podcast Design requirements as it’s the largest online platform for the podcast industry. It has some requirements regarding image. Make sure you’re following its conditions so you won’t turn you down. Check the requirements first & create your Art Work. 

Colorful or Gloomy? 

Avoid as much as you can to create a boring Cover Art. We perceive color & depth through the sense of sight; that’s why the impact color has on everything is innumerable. Color is the very maker of first impressions when it comes to people’s swaying moods & nonidentical backgrounds.

Where to Get Free Photo Art & Illustrations?

You surely need your podcast to stand out among the rest which are rapiding starting & growing. It’s a bit hard to find a free photo art not already used before, but it’s still an option on the table. In case you need to get an image or a ready-to-use illustration, here are some websites like: Canva, Pexels, Freepik, Mixkit, & Unsplash. 


Your visual identity has a great impact on your audience. The artwork you’re showing tells much about the show. It also expresses more about your identity. At a glance, the newcomer to your podcast should understand the background & purpose of your podcast that’s why it should be short but clear enough to be well-noticed in the podcasting apps.

This post was authored by our wonderful interns who joined us on November 1, 2020 to learn from and help Podcast Inc grow. The author of this article is Gihad Ahmed from Egypt.