Anchor Bros. & Cons: Is It Worth Starting From there? 

In case you are considering using Anchor to moor your ship into the sea bottom, Anchor might be your ultimate option or not. In this blog, we’ll be having a closer look at the app & examining the features it provides deciding whether it’s worth pulling your trigger or not. 

In the digital today world, we look for the easiest & quickest way to get things done even regarding the entertaining aspect. That’s why a tenderfoot, is trying to get into the podcasting world, will look up the podcast-making apps to see if they can take care of the whole thing for him or it doesn’t pay off. 

For a fair review, besides checking out some users' reviews, I already have tried Anchor’s service before in creating my own podcast as a personal journal so it’s not reviewed on paper but in practice. Besides checking out some users reviews

What Is Anchor? Briefly..

Anchor is one of the few platforms to create a podcast on. Taking a general look at the features, it promises you with easy-to-use creation tools, hosting & distribution, straightforward analytics, & the most important get paid to podcast. All the previous are the dream of every podcaster to get it all done in one place. 

Anchor is presented into the podcasting market to be a soup to nuts for your podcasting. It offers two versions whether the free application or the website telling you it’s “The easiest way to make a podcast.” 

From Anywhere Recording

Anchor is very flexible when it comes to recording for it gives you the chance to record from anywhere immediately whether from the phone or your PC but it records in an M4A format, rather than an MP3 or WAV format which is not that big of a deal because it records in 32 bytes per second providing you with clear & decent sound. 

Is Free Hosting Good Enough?

It’s just perfect to be capable of uploading as much as you like with no charge required. It’s engaging for beginners. Still with  free charge, you’re involuntarily paying for the service. You won’t feel the need for a paid hosting service till the moment you’re becoming a brand or once you level your podcast up into real business. 

It’s always better to have someone make sure you’re still in business. If you're a professional podcaster or have a desire to turn your program into a brand, you’ll definitely need to look for a top-notch agency to help you out with podcasting services. 

It’s still worthwhile to have a crack at podcasting services yourself which is achievable trying Anchor, to be familiar with the industry at heart. 

One-Click Distribution

Anchor is appealing when you leave the distribution whole thing to it. With one-click, it distributes your podcast to whatever podcasting platform you care about like Spotify, Apple Podcasts, &  Google Podcasts. It also makes it easier for you if you want to take control of your RSS feed & distribute yourself. 

Anchor does the work for you but when things grow bigger, you’ll need to opt out of this attractive feature for the reasons we’ll be describing below. 

Airing On Apple

Saying Anchor does the work for you means also that it prevents you from checking your podcast stats within Apple Podcast Connects. Apple analytics is useful for showing you how drop-off and completion rates for every episode which let you know your audience more & what content makes the buzz. 

Regarding this Apple-Anchor mess, make sure you submit your podcast to whatever iTunes or Apple manually to benefit from the analytics. 

Get Paid To Podcast

Anchor offers you to get paid by putting ads in your episodes but it’s not charming as it looks because you’ll need thousands of impressions per episode to earn money at the end of every month. This is not paying off when there are lots of ways to monetize your podcast without the need to reach the specific number of impressions. 

It’s pretty easy to make use of the monetization option in Anchor. Once you create the first episode, it sets you up with a sponsorship which is  an ad read.  By recording it directly , or uploading it after the whole process of recording & editing. It offers you $15 CPM, which is not much. 

As to podcasting, CPM refers to the cost a sponsor is willing to pay per thousand impressions which are on a per-episode basis. Treating the ads as segments makes placing them in the episodes in the right place easier without falling in the trouble of speech interrupting. 

Editing With Anchor

Anchor isn’t that comfortable while using the editing feature on the phone & the browser doesn’t show how to do it there. So for the big business, it’s not appealing at all to rely on Anchor’s editing. 

The Final Judgement

Anchor is an appealing option for beginners in podcasting & of a poor service for professionals. It’s still a great place to have a crack at podcasting with the attractive free of charge features. In case you launch a show as a brand or business, so we recommend Podcast Inc services to help you start big. 

This post was authored by our wonderful interns who joined us on November 1 2020 to learn from and help Podcast Inc grow. The author of this article is Gihad Ahmed from Egypt.