Best 10 Podcast Metrics & Analytics Tools

“It’s not difficult to do a podcast...but it’s hard getting people to listen”
Marc Maron, host of WTF

When viewed in the context of your goals, analytics are the most helpful!
But, what are these analytics anyway?
They are pieces of information that are relevant to your audience, including things like unique episode downloads, total episode downloads, applications, listening platforms, and devices your audience is using to listen to your show.
How to track your podcasts then?

Some of the best tools to be used on the web are:


Publishing, monetizing, and measuring Constantly evolving, a megaphone is building drafts, scheduling, and publishing content across all major podcast apps and smart speakers.
The content is also monetized and backed with the dynamic insertion of ads and targeting industries. This growth is monitored and makes decisions driven by data.


Using SmartLinks to figure out which marketing channels drive listener growth with a shareable, trackable URL that automatically routes listeners to your podcast in their favorite apps and grow your show by following the playbook that #1 shows use: buying or trading promotional spots and drop-in episodes on other podcasts.


Podtrac provides the industry-standard metrics and data analysis to accurately measure podcast audiences worldwide across all traffic sources.
Podtrac’s measurement services have been free for 14 years, so there aren’t any barriers for publishers to have consistent audience measurement using Podtrac’s IAB 2.0 certified compliant methodology and algorithms.


Creating a new revenue stream for podcasters, where they are rewarded when content that is loved by listeners is being created. Any revenue generated through Podimo is shared directly with podcasters using UCPS.
Listeners will directly support their favorite podcasters by pressing play!
It’s free and open, and once you claim your podcast the revenue and listening data will be shared accordingly.


1st Company to be IAB Certified Compliant with Podcast Measurement Guidelines. Blubrry Podcast Statistics is designed specifically for measuring podcast downloads. Unlike regular website statistics, we take into consideration the destination, resuming downloads, duplicate requests and network errors to filter out data that
would otherwise inflate  your statistics.
We do all this work to provide you
with realistic and reliable podcast statistics.


Track your podcasts’ performance with easy-to-digest insights, such as total listens, top episodes, audience demographics, listening behavior, and more. This data empowers you to create more of the content your listeners crave, increase engagement, and show tangible value to your sponsors.
With Castos, every podcast you publish gets its own responsive landing page, making it easy for your audience to subscribe, search episodes, and connect with you on social media.


Easy publishing; Unlimited hosting; Professional podcast website; Domain integration; Scheduled publishing; Mobile podcast publishing. With all these features, Podbean promises you an easy journey without a learning curve, and in attempts of increasing your audience it easily publishes your podcast on all the places people listen to, it automatically posts on your social media networks once you connect them with your account.
With its comprehensive statistics, it will give you all the insights you need to track your performance and choose the best monetization methods that best fit your podcast so that you can make money out of it.


Learn about your audience growth and easily track how your episodes are performing over time with Anchor’s easy-to-read analytics dashboard. See things like your plays over time, how episodes stack up to each other, and which apps people are using to listen.


A beautiful & intuitive platform for businesses, brands, influencers, and content creators who want to transform their idea into a hit show. Simply click, drag, drop… and you’re done!
Create a podcast in minutes, not hours.

Whether you’ve got an existing podcast or are starting out for the first time, you’ll be up and running quickly. Just drop your RSS feed into the platform or create a new one by filling out a few details. Deliver episodes across the globe via a super-fast network.

Written by: Nada Elmousa, Reviewed by: Somayaa AbuKhalil