Best Advertising Strategies for Fresh Podcasters

Written By Syrine Landosi

During these times of uncertainty and economic stagnation, several freshly launched podcasters had been facing a major problem with advertising. The issue is not only related to dedicating a financial budget for it but rather about doing it the right way to ensure great outcomes and attract traffic to the podcast channel.

As it seems to be a quite difficult thing, this article highlights major simple yet effective strategies of advertising to use and can be learned quickly.

Match the Name of the Podcast with its Mission

This might seem to be a little odd, but here how it all goes: create a Name while you're preparing for your project that really reflects on the mission or the goals of the Podcast.

This would pay tremendous help for the listeners and followers who later started to recognize this brand that would turn on to be the new personal brand of that podcast.

This also could be efficient when it comes to selecting your guests and sending them invitations to attend episodes of your podcast. The name of the new personal brand will be of great benefit if it can create logical yet funny thoughts all combined and allude to the content. It's more like making people guess about the essence of the episodes but still intriguing enough to make them wait and invest time to hear you out.

Realise a Written Version of Your Podcast

 It's undeniable that people nowadays are more interested in listening to podcasts than watching videos or reading articles. But the minorities of those who prefer to read or watch videos are definitely worth investing in.

To do so, there are diverse methods such as providing a Written Version of Your audio and post it on your website.

You can add a short video where you can read or at least mention the basic points that you'll be talking about in your podcast.

It might appear as a waste of time or another exhausting work that you'll have to handle.  Over time, your hard and organized work will pay off and Grant you access to a large stage of the potential audience.

Include Giveaways or Contests monthly

It's the most common strategies to get more attention to your content or to your podcast by just announcing valuable giveaways  Or contests for your community.

This can be done by asking them to follow the Podcast Instagram page, join the Facebook group with the name of that podcast.

 This is indeed  a way to foster communication and get to know what really interests them

It could be as easy as asking them to tag a limited number of their friends in the comments section and share a screen of that in their stories and tag you.

Regardless of the offered time or of the offered gifts, you can always win their hearts by your generosity and consistency.

When it comes to the announcement of the winners you can videotape yourself by e-mailing them or calling them on the phone to ensure a transparent environment for your community.

This would add excitement and enthusiasm and even get them more engaged with your content.

Otherwise, it could be by offering limited access to a recent podcast episode or training you'll have.

What really matters is that you must equate the value of engagement and the attention-getter from them to have a fruitful and engaging community.

Focus on Your Trailers and Flyers

As we all can notice the majority of people who want to promote their content use small videos as trailers to excite their audience.

You can do the same if you are familiar with videotaping and editing them. For lease tiring work, you can invest in some of the pictures you took with your guests and make them attractive designers.

This can be by just posting the flyers 24 hours or even more before the realization of your new episode.

It can be in just providing a quote or some points that your guest will talk about.

Either way, it's always a win_win situation for you both to make some noise and get more and more attention for the coming episodes.

Invest in Collaborations and Potential Partnerships

It may seem hard to look for collaborations that suit your content or the themes of your podcast but once you dig in and do more research, you'll find other fresh podcasters just like yours and looking for collaboration opportunities.

You don't have to look for sponsoring offers or for collaborations that are investing in similar fields like you. Sometimes, you can make collaborations for the sake of tackling new audience segments and reach out to a maximum people as you can.

The idea of appearing on other YouTube channels or Instagrams or even flyers can help you to reflect on what you want to relieve for your followers and reflect on how much effort and time you are dedicating it for this young project.

It always takes time more than we really would estimate in the beginning to be famous or known as a personal brand or as a podcast that focuses on something in particular.

So, don't hesitate to put more and more effort. Don't be trapped in any self-doubting or self minimizing thoughts. Rather than that be the one who walks the extra mile to achieve his dream and make from his podcast a very successful one.