Best Podcasts About Podcasting

Are you interested in the industry of podcasting? Do you want to find out more about it from those who are experts themselves? There is a whole genre dedicated to this area worth knowing for anyone looking into podcasts. You may think there is a shortage of podcasts about podcasting, but that couldn't be farther from the truth! Podcasts about podcasting are helpful and informative for both expert listeners and newbies. In this blog we will explore some great picks you'll want to check out in our best podcasts for podcasting list below.

The Audacity to Podcast

The Audacity to Podcast is a much recommended podcast that helps you out in the process of learning how to start your own podcast. It’s created by host, Daniel J Lewis who gives guidance on all aspects related with equipment and skills needed for success. The show has over 300 episodes as well as written blogs which make this show your favorite and be broad enough to learn all the nuances about running a successful Podcast.

The Feed: The Official Libsyn Podcast

The Feed - Official Libsyn Podcast is hosted by Rob Walch and Elsie Escobar. The two wizards give you all the hints you need to grow your audience & promote your podcasts on several social media platforms. It has 186 episodes so far, with new content added every week! This podcast will be a life saver if you are interested in creating a DIY (do-it-yourself) strategy for success as an artist or podcaster.

Podcasting Step by Step

Podcasting Step by Step, hosted by Sarah Mikutel, is a show that mixes actionable tips with motivational talks from industry experts. On the show you'll find interviews and co-hosted talk segments by industry wizards & influencers in podcasting to keep you motivated & not to give up. The importance of inspiration in content production cannot be overemphasized because even among those starting podcasts often quit their efforts without ever coming back again after initial attempt. Listening to this will keep your motivation levels high and provide you the energy to keep chugging along.

She Podcasts

She Podcasts is hosted by Jessica Kupferman and Elsie Escobar. Elsie had some amazing ideas, Jessica was the catalyst in at helping them come to life. Together they are dedicated to helping women overcome whatever obstacles stand in their way in order to be able to express themselves, specifically through the medium of podcasting. A great listen to learn about how Women in Podcasting have succeeded and how they can continue to create and scale their Podcasts.

New Media Show

The New Media Show is hosted by two Podcast Hall of Fame Inductees, Todd Cochrane who’s a RawVoice/Blubrry Founder and Rob Greenlee. They interview experts with intelligent perspectives on the podcasting world to share what's really happening in it. They have over 400 episodes that cover topics in the podcasting world with great Podcast experts like themselves simplifying the process of what is working in the Podcasting world.

Better Podcasting 

Better Podcasting is hosted by Stephen Jondrew & Stargate Pioneer. With almost 250 episodes so far, this show originally started with the weekly format in 2015 & changed into the bi-weekly format last year to create content for hobby podcasters. It keeps updating you with brand-new trends & industry news. 

Podcasting Q&A

Podcasting Q&A provides you with tips and strategies helping out to produce, grow, and monetize your show. It gives you the tricks you need to grow an audience & keep what you already gained, & promote your podcast on different social media platforms. They publish a new episode every Monday. 

Podcast Pontifications

Podcast Pontifications helps already podcast creators with insightful thoughts to make their content sound more professional. It is hosted by O.G. Podcaster and professional Evo Terra. It’s published each weekday, Monday- Thursday.  

The Podcast Engineering Show

The Podcast Engineering Show is a podcast hosted by Chris Curran. On the podcast, he shares with other podcast creators what’s trending with audio editing equipment & industry hacks. He also shows tips & tricks relating to how to grow bigger in this industry. It’s more about leveling up your audio quality. 

Ask The Podcast Coach

With over 330 episodes, Ask The Podcast Coach is a weekly show hosted by Dave Jackson. Jackson has been helping people out launch their shows since 2005. Every Saturday, he is joined by Jim Collison, together they have 20 years of podcasting experience and coaching. So when they answer your questions through chatbox, they know well the right answers.

In Conclusion

We've selected our list to share with you the shows we're loving and recommend for your listening. Our criteria is that these are all still producing, available around various platforms from YouTube to iTunes even Spotify, provide a bunch of actionable tips already worked out by other creators in this industry, as well as adding so much value & audio production knowledge! We know how personal podcasts can be- it's just another way of sharing ideas with others - but there are also some tricks or hacks specific to podcasting which can make you stand out as a creative podcasters compared to those who may not have them yet.

As always we at Podcast Inc like to learn and grow and so would request you to send across any other Podcast which you consider as the Best Podcast About Podcasting and we will be sure to add it here. You can reach out to us at