Choose the Right Podcast Agency- 5 Types to Consider

Choosing the right podcast agency is an important decision. There are many factors to consider when choosing one, and there are 5 types of agencies that you should look at to find the best fit for you as a podcaster

That’s why we’ve de-fluffed the process for you, starting with this pithy definition of a podcast agency:

What is a podcast agency? A podcast agency runs and manages your podcast, oftentimes assisting with hosting platforms and editing audio. A full-service podcast production agency offers services throughout the entire podcast journey — everything from guest coordination to engineering the audio to developing marketing assets to promote your podcast.

Now let's categorized each one of them:

1. Podcast Production Agency- A podcast production agency usually offers services related to podcast recording equipment and sound editing. Pre-production services might include…

  • Assistance with equipment setup and technical needs
  • Equipment recommendations
  • Recorded intros and outros
  • Assistance setting up your hosting platform

In regards to post-production services, a podcast production agency is likely to offer…

  • Sound mixing
  • Editing out mistakes and any uh’s or um’s
  • Adding in commercials or special audio segments
  • Adding in music or sound effects
  • Unwanted noise reduction
  • Uploading to your hosting site
  • Episodes made into transcripts

2. Podcast Booking Agency -A podcast booking agency is a talent agency that helps its clients get on more podcasts. The front-end of the work they do includes post-production services, but most agencies don't go into detail about what kind of back-end service this entails for either party involved in creating or hosting one episode at a time.

In regards to services a podcast booking agency would offer creators, they could include…

  • Identifying guests who align with your show’s subject matter
  • Scheduling relevant guests
  • Creating pitches to send to potential guests
  • Filling up your queue with guests
  • Following up with your guests after the interview
  • Building out your professional podcasting network

3. Podcast Creative Agency- A podcast creative agency is a great alternative for those who want the benefits of an in-house team, but can't afford it or don't have enough time to manage it themselves.

Most podcast creative agencies help with content planning, show branding, and post-production. If you’re set on doing a solo podcast (a show with no interviews/guests), a podcast creative agency could probably help your production in a lot of ways.

Services you can expect to receive from a podcast creative agency include…

  • Audio branding
  • Podcast series planning
  • Sound mixing
  • Editing out mistakes
  • Recorded intros and outros
  • Storyboarding assistance
  • Talent sourcing for hosts
  • Scripting
  • Uploading to your podcast hosting platform

You'll need to partner with a booking agency if you want your podcast guests on air.

Podcast creation is more than just recording an episode and sending it out into cyberspace for people around the world (or even locally!) to listen to; there are many steps that go into making sure that great sound comes through loud & clear every time - like finding talent or interviewing them before editing their dialogue down so they're concise yet engaging enough not only keep listeners' attention but also make room at all times in between conversations where commercials might be aired during regular programming hours without disrupting storylines.

4. Podcast Advertising Agency- Podcast advertising agencies offer a service where they match advertisers with shows that align with their brand. While this form of marketing is relatively new, it can be extremely effective when executed correctly and creatively in the right target audience for your business needs.

Partnering with a podcast advertising agency means that you’re paying for them to identify engaged podcast audiences that match your company’s targeted demographics. Services you should expect to receive include…

  • Identifying podcasts whose audiences match your ideal buyers
  • Podcast networking
  • Campaign planning
  • Creative collaboration
  • Professional ad recording
  • Sound mixing and editing
  • Ad scripting
  • Ad metrics

Pretty much anything ad-related in podcasting will be covered by a podcast advertising agency.

5. Full-service Podcast Agency- If you need the last four podcast agency types all mixed up into one, then go with a full-service podcast agency.

A real full-service podcast agency will offer you the following:

  • Podcast ideation and branding
  • Recording equipment sent to you
  • Equipment setup assistance
  • Show cover art creation
  • Ideal guest identification
  • Ideal guest outreach & coordination
  • Podcast networking & promotion
  • Guest prep before the interview
  • Resources for hosts & tips on interviewing
  • Full & detail-oriented audio engineering
  • Intro, outro, and advertisement recording
  • Professional voiceovers
  • Show notes for each episode
  • Publishing & distribution of all episodes
  • Marketing assets such as videos, social media updates, blog posts, etc. for every episode.
  • A dedicated producer
  • Guest follow-up

Basically, you get everything and a bag of chips. If they call themselves a full-service podcast agency, they should be providing everything from creative to production to promotion and beyond.