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What is EDUCAST INC. ?

Educast Inc. is the newest educational initiative by Podcast Inc's team of bloggers. Educast Inc. aims to support students of different educational grades and levels from all around the world to make the learning process easier and more fun in the best form through providing them with useful sources of websites, research articles, and the best qualified educational and motivational podcasts.

“The more that you read, the more things you will know. The more that you learn, the more places you'll go.”

EDUCAST INC: Shifting to Remote Learning!

Blogger: Nada AlMoussa, Blog Manager: Somaya AbuKhalil

I’m struggling that I have everything right in my Laptop and not juggling my notebooks around to get to my lectures, but turns out it’s much easier when you get the hang of it! The recent pandemic has forced us all to snuggle in our couches and stay on top of our game; Remotely. But plenty of people have been doing that for a while now and it’s not hard. Apart from known platforms that institutions are using for tracking and keeping the learning process going like : Microsoft Teams, Spark, Zoom, google classrooms. The web is filled with open resources to gain knowledge on different and diverse topics. I’ll take you on a journey over these resources but beforehand! Some tips to master dealing with these resources.

• Make sure to prioritize your interests and time!

Do you want to expand your horizons and learn about social innovation? Or be very specific in parts of your career, like how to conduct a specific experiment in a certain field? Maybe you just want to learn how to play your ukulele chords, who knows? Obviously just you!

 • Your days will blend!

You don’t have a specific place to go to, you only need to access the web, which can be done from the comfort of your bed, but I can assure you, that’s toxic. Set a routine for yourself. Are you an early bird or a night owl?I won’t tell you to wake up early and start grinding, but make sure to have a specific time-frame to do things. Change your attire, clean up, have your food ready, and sit down somewhere neat with enough inspiration that gets you motivated to finish things.

• Take breaks, but know when to resume,

It’s essential to take regular breaks for what you learnt to sink in, but we all love scrolling through our Instagram endlessly looking at cute puppy pictures, so make sure you put a timer and know when to just STOP.  Let’s get into the holy grail of the internet:


With almost 2000 FREE online courses, this website was created by experts from Harvard and MIT to serve as an open learning platform. Short videos, explanations,quizzes, external readings and more. It’s promised to immerse you in your preferred subjects ranging from languages, engineering, data science, humanities, and more.


With 100,000 high demand courses, you can find the right instructor, experts from several fields at your request with lifetime access. Some courses are as cheap as 12$ and a wide range of fields like: entrepreneurship, languages, business.

Khan Academy

This one is a bit different, but it definitely stands out. It provides a platform, completely free of charge for all people willing to learn, from elementary level classes to Aps to preparing you for your standardized tests. Basically this platform will prepare you on all aspects for school or university, with video segments, articles, quizzes, and they’ve got you covered badges to track your progress and how much you’re getting out of what you’re learning.

Crash course

YOU CAN’T MISS the twins, Hank and John Green take over your screen and start explaining whatever you couldn’t understand when everyone was a scholar and knew what Normandy is. Hank will boggle your mind with all scientific videos, if it’s how the body works or what’s faster, a watermelon or glass falling? And then there’s John who will very smoothly explain why all the continents suddenly decided to fight?

 MIT Open courseware

First time I accessed this website, I was double checking if it’s free! All the courses you can think of, but without going to university, you’ll choose the department and it will get you to all subjects that will eventually lead to sub-subjects. Each has a syllabus, curriculum, MIT professors’ video recordings, and relevant tests with solution manuals. They have got you covered!

It can be a bit chaotic to process all the resources and materials on the web, In this case, you need to downsize what you want to get out of everything you have, collect your materials,and don't dwell on the internet opening endless pages. Highlight what you need, open a folder, pack everything there and you'll do everything perfectly!


Just do it and START! It doesn’t hurt to unleash your creative side a bit and learn some skills, for that  SKILLSHARE is my go to, Animation, leadership,illustration,photography, and whatever skill you need to boost yourself, they’ve got you covered. Short interactive videos that get the job done from experts in the field.While you’re there, Why not try journal-ling, you can use it to plan out your online journey with a colorful approach, and practice what everyone has been talking about these days, mindfulness!