Find Your Match on the Podcasting Scene

Podcasting has been a fast growing industry for the past few years. In podcasting, podcast guests and hosts are matched to create an hour or two of audio entertainment that people love. Podcasts have become so popular because they offer a chance for people from all around the world to connect with one another in a new way. However, there are a few things that you should look out for before deciding on an individual to work with. Finding podcasting guests and podcast hosts can be difficult, but luckily for you we have gathered a great platform for matching podcast guests and hosts. 

  1. PodMatch

PodMatch was launched a year ago by Alex Sanfilippo and the main goal was to make an easier way to connect podcast guests and hosts. PodMatch’s idea was like a dating app but for podcasts. It is a mix and match of podcast hosts and guests, based on interests and topics, and getting on the same app.  Users can sign up as a guest, host or both. The platform has two registration forms: one for podcast hosts that is validated through Apple. They make sure that they can identify the right people and that they’re good platforms and active podcasters. While the other is for the podcast guests, upon signing up, the person should create a sheet with their image, short bio, social media links and a longer story about themselves. There’s a basic free subscription that about 90% of the people use. Then it has a professional plan that users have upgraded to, which gives more matches and more visibility. As of the moment the platform has approximately 12,000 users, including 7,000 hosts and 5,000 guests. 

  1. PodcastGuests

The creators are podcasters and they love how podcasts allow us to share knowledge with the world. That’s why they created PodcastGuests. It is a member-based website that’s all about connecting podcasters with experts, authors, and other podcasters to be guests on their podcasts. When you sign up, you will just have to fill out a short form - which will be shared within the PodcastGuests network. Other podcasters and experts can apply to be on your show and you’ll receive the list of interested guests.

  1. Podchaser Connect or known as “the IMDb of podcasting”

The platform is a data-driven connection platform that uses Podchaser’s robust database to connect experts and podcasts. They also have a Podcast Booking Agency wherein Podchaser uses its one-of-a-kind platform to directly land guest spots for your people on the perfect podcast for delivering your message.

  1. Perfect Podcast Guest

This platform is an online searchable directory with detailed guest listings that include everything you need to properly qualify a podcast guest. Through this you can get free access to top-notch industry experts, authors, thought leaders, executives, and entrepreneurs simply by searching their directory. The good news is that it is easy to search by keyword, location, and more. 

  1. MatchMaker

Since you are looking for someone to match to, this is a matchmaking service for podcasts and potential guests that has marketed itself as “like Tinder, but for podcasters”. You can get started today for free and create a profile for yourself or your podcast and join a community of over 25,000 people. You can browse, connect, and be found by industry experts and book podcast guests. Swipe right to find your next guest!

  1. Interview Connections 

The platform helps with guests booking whether you're looking to get booked on podcasts or book guests for your own show. The hosts can schedule a call with the team to work on the strategy of making connections within your industry, so you consistently connect with high-quality matches.

  1. Interview Valet

The platform is a top-notch resource that connects hosts with certified guests in health, business, nutrition, wellness, and spirituality. It is a great platform for hosts because it is free and  ensures they have a consistent presence on social media, professional audio equipment, free resources to offer your audience, and knowledge within their category.

  1. Podcasting You

In 2017, Trevor Oldham founded Podcasting You after seeing a major opportunity to help experts get their message out on top-rated podcasts. The booking is similar to the ones mentioned before except with particular emphasis on positioning their clients as thought leaders. It does all of the research and outreach to podcasts that match your goals and ideal audience. And, also, prepare for your interviews to make sure you’re ready with talking points. The network includes startup stories, for the Love of Money, and how to be awesome at your job

  1. Kitcaster

Once you apply to Kitcaster, they determine whether or not they’re the best agency to serve you. If accepted, Kitcaster researches you, your goals, and your ideal audience. The platform charges a flat monthly rate for on-demand podcast placement services. It helps podcast relations specialists help entrepreneurs build their company or personal brands through podcast tours. The network includes Marketing B2B Technology Podcast, Voices of Search Podcast, and Backcountry Marketing.

  1. The Expert Bookers

This agency guarantees that clients get booked on shows that align with their areas of expertise and target audience type. A personal account manager starts by getting to know you and works with you one-on-one to guide you through the rest of the process. Your account manager takes care of all the communications with the host to make sure your interviews are secured and research podcasts that fit your expertise, target audience, and that are well-established. Your interviews can either be scheduled by your account manager or you can be directly connected to the hosts.

With the variety of podcasts available, one is bound to fit your needs! Whether you're looking for something lighthearted or serious, there's something out there for everyone. Podcast matchmaking offers great benefits for both hosts and podcasts alike because it takes away the hassle from finding new interviewees. Let us know if these platforms are helpful!