How to Foster Your Podcast Culture

Written By Syrine Landosi

A plethora of people would fall in love with the idea of launching their own podcast, looking to create impact and to influence their small community. Nonetheless, they seldom pay attention to the importance of creating a solid culture for their own podcast. As this idea may seem a bit vague, once it is tackled  It will definitely contribute to the widespread use of the Podcast and enlarge its navigation.

Let's get to know more about a podcast culture in the first place. Culture as it is famously quoted " it's the lifestyle, thoughts, and values of a system". The system alludes to the people of the community that initially embarked on that set of values and thoughts.

 Henceforth, a  podcast culture can be summed up in the values, themes, and impacts that it is taking into consideration and striving to reinforce among its audience's members.

How to Create for Your Podcast Culture

This may be simple but consistency will make wonders. You can start by creating a sheet that will include all your values, goals, and whatever impact you seek to reinforce.

This will be useful while preparing for a small definition of the Podcast on its Facebook page, LinkedIn page, or even Instagram.

It could be beneficial to help the guests recognize the goals of the Podcast and decide whether this would match their own goals and values or not. It can help you tackle your specific segment of the audience and work on it.

While promoting for online webinars, giveaways, and even launching the small competition, the well-structured culture of your podcast will pay you great contribution and voice your goals to the public.


Consistency in mentioning your passion, your hopes, or the agenda that you are working on it will be reflected in your work. It will add validity to your personal brand if you are using your name for your podcast. Or it will be important in inspiring your podcast brand.

Transparency is another key element to redefine the values of the Podcast community culture. This can be seen in diverse methods including promotion, collaboration, and even for future plans.

How to Maintain and Promote Your Podcast Culture

Engagement is the most fundamental approach in order to ensure a great follow up from your listeners or community.

This could indeed be realized in multiple ways. The essential one is to always seek help from your audience especially when it comes to the time of giveaways or competition or of streaming live on Instagram of TikTok.

 You have to bear in mind that your podcast can be your passion but you got to think in smart ways to reinforce it and make it a preference one to your audience.

Engaging your audience about being your next step as creating videos, releasing a Written version of your podcast, making special episodes about certain topics is highly recommended.

This would not only make your audience more interested in the content but also feel the urge to be always updated about your next call, live session, or even podcast. Including them in making these hard choices will make them more open to you concerning any feedback about your work.

How to Reinforce Your Podcast Culture

It would seem enough at this stage to stick to the aforementioned steps and focus on achieving them consistently. However, as social media is witnessing tremendous changes you have to be always updated to any kind of new marketing or advertising system.

Nonetheless, you have to start including some services to help your audience grow their attachment to your content. This can be easily achieved via diverse means.

First and foremost, you can start sharing some tips on how to launch their own projects or even exclusive opportunities provided by other partners or sponsors.

As it seems to be odd since not all the projects are included in your focused audience. But, you can always find a way to provide time to share any exclusively fresh opportunities monthly.

Invest in enlarging your podcast brand. This can be done by including new segments services to help your followers to fulfill their goals by simply following their inquiries and interests.

Providing services such as giving pieces of advice, or recommendations or even by sharing some thoughts about certain projects and podcasts will help you reflect on your journey as a podcaster regardless of your specialty.

You'll be able to recommend guests, books, or other stuff and it will make you always part of the news and in the minds of people for a long time. What is more interesting is that you'll be able to grow by legging others with you and this would help you to raise your expectations for future collaborations and even the quality of content you offer.

Transparency, consistency, and providing a great added value to your audience are the magical ingredients to ensure the success of your podcast. But what really ensures its maintenance and the revival of its culture over time is the kind of culture you promote and offer to your community.

Henceforth, valuing your ideas and all the Stages of growth will always help you to be able to approach your topics and your audience with great innovative ideas.