How to Monetize Your Podcast?

Written By Nour Farjallah

If you are like me Podcast Passionate and your dream is to abandon all the staff that you are doing and to jump all the barriers to turn your passion into business but as a normal human being you have to ask yourself at first how can you earn money from Podcasting? 

There are different ways to make money from your podcast it depends on your position. Some ways are good when you are launching and some of them work much better when you have grown a strong audience base. 

How to Start? 

In the beginning, you need to prioritize your goals and your target in order to build an audience. 

Without a strong audience base, we can not talk about money. So at first, you have to focus on the quality over the fast way to earn money. Start thinking about your expenses and your main goal will be the refund of those expenses. 

Set up a clear strategy initially you will think about how to recover for example ⅓ of your expenses during the first three months, after achieving this point will pass to the next step which is to cover 50% of your expenses and step by step until you cover all your podcast expenses than you can start thinking about making a profit.

Experts divided the ways of monetizing a podcast can be divided into direct and indirect, we will be focusing on the direct traffic.

The Direct Traffics

Construct a Paid Membership

By using a membership platform like Patreon or SuperCast, Listeners will pay a certain amount of money to access exclusive content when they can get a customized experience for example Patreon Permits you to personalize your members experience by adding a banner a profile picture, and welcome video and pictures, you can even create different categories of memberships depending on the exclusive access that the members will get depending on the amount paid where they can obtain premium episodes that they will get diffused only for them. 

Sponsorship or Ads

It is commonly the most known traffic because certainly while you are listing to a podcast you have heard the host saying “this episode is sponsored by....” or “this episode is brought to you by....” 

The sponsorship is part of a marketing strategy of a company so their main goal is to promote their products through your podcast, You will get paid when you mention their brands in your episode but this way is a little bit taff when you don’t have many listeners. 

There are some platforms where you can find sponsors like Midroll, AdvertiseCast, True native media.

Affiliate Links

Once you have a strong community that trust your recommendations and depending on the niche that your working on you can recommend services or products related too, for example, you are talking about productivity and time management you can recommend Notion as an application that can help your audience, you may ask those providers if they are working with affiliate links if your followers purchase the service or the product in question you get paid a commission for the sales made using your affiliate link.

One of the known websites that they are offering in affiliate marketing is Amazon affiliate marketing.

Syndicate Your Show to Youtube

It is the simplest way to get some money by publishing your podcast on Youtube. 

What you have to do is to enable the monetization in your Youtube account and google will tackle with ads and the amount of money that you will get paid, The Youtube revenue depends on the number of views and how long people watch whether they like it or not. 

Numbers say that you can make between $0,50 and $2,00 per view.

If you are looking to start launching your podcast or you are thinking about being a full-time podcaster but you don’t know where the money will come from!