How To Promote Your Podcast & Make it on The Trending List

Written By Isselam Landosi

Do you find it hard to grow your audience base despite having a great sounding podcast! Is it difficult for you to go beyond your circle of friends and family listening to your episodes? Do you wonder what could be the easiest but practical tactics to make your podcast reach out to the world? Well, you are in the right place! In this article I will shed the lights on 8 major efficient ways to amplify your podcast and make it to the top charts: 

Basic Steps

You have to ensure that every episode’s title and description contain focus keywords about the main topic.  That way it would appear in the suggestion list of videos related to a particular topic. You can make research on Google or other search engines about possible search terms so you can insert them and your episode will be found easily.

Make sure your podcast is promoted on all the podcast platform players. That would be a great way to put it in the recommendation list for active listeners that are constantly looking for propositions about different topics. Some platforms would showcase your podcast for free which perfectly fits the needs of both beginners and expert podcasters.

Word of Mouth

Start from your inner circle. Invite your family members and your friends to listen, subscribe, and share the episodes on their social media platforms. Don’t hesitate to talk about your podcast to your classmates and your colleagues. Reach out for different social groups whether you are or you are not part of them. Print flyers and post them in your local library or get your parents to talk about your content in their clubs.

Mark Zuckerberg said once:” there is no better recommendation than the one that comes from a friend “.word of mouth helps you get other people to promote your show and maximize the number of views without having to invest your efforts in that. Your product will be user-generated, valuable, and more trustworthy. 

Who Are Your Ideal Listeners

it is crucial for you to target your audience and to recognize your ideal listeners. That way you will manage to spot common points between them and limit your search area for thoughts about your podcast’s contribution to their life. You can put your content in the right shape that goes hand in hand with their preferences and mindset.

 You will be able to know which social platforms to use and where are they hanging around most of the time.  It is like creating a special experience for everyone who’s listening to you. 

Nothing puts listeners into your pocket better than the ability to throw the lights on something they are interested in. they are more likely to have a positive attitude towards your work and they won’t hesitate to interact with it. 

Plan Your Content Ahead of Time

It is practical to gather overall thoughts and ideas about your podcast before launching it. It helps to guarantee to have an epic content that doesn’t fall under the stereotypical ways of treating particular topics. It is just like an assurance that your work would, most of the time, have an added value for the consumer thus, you continue to grow raving fans over time.  

Another benefit is to not waste your time thinking about what would the next episode be about. You will have a consistent flow of creative ideas which would allow you to focus mainly on the quality of the presentation. Being clearer about the next step would improve your performance and most likely more people will be interested in the high quality your show is offering. 

Engage with Your Audience

One major method to extend your audience base is maintaining a reconcilable interaction with them. You can organize online competitions related to the content you have to offer. It is possible also to organize question and answer sessions, ask for feedback, and engage directly with your listeners. This would make them feel recognizable and valued, and it helps in gaining their loyalty. 

There is a key technique in acquiring a higher number of followers, and that is curation. It is mainly about sharing other podcaster’s work and giving your assessments and commentary on their work. you can tag them and they would do the same. It shows to your audience that you are paying attention to the latest updates in the field which would grow your authority work with your peers. it might be considered as a confirmation that you are a  part of a particular community.

Be a Host & a Guest

It would be super beneficial for you to invite guests to your show. Especially if they have an audience that is within your niche. Make sure you promote the interview before uploading the episode and give access to the guest to share it on their social media. This way you are utilizing the trust and the credibility they earned from their followers to target specific categories that might be interested in your content.  

This collaboration can be between podcasters or even with someone who has a video channel, or a personal blog. For example, if you have a podcast about learning a particular language you might want to be a guest in another language related to podcasts. It is a great opportunity for you to offer them some new insightful ideas in exchange for exposure to some potential audience. 

You can find common topics to tackle during the interviews or compare two different domains. You may even share some of the behind scenes videos to connect with both your audience and others working within the same field. 

Social Media

Some think it is hard to promote a show on social media. However, it is much easier than it seems. You can always reach out to forum or group owners. Feature them and their community, and make them look like Heroes. They are going to be more likely to share that episode with their communities and the members whom they’ve already earned their trust. 

It is necessary though to bear in mind that diversifying your social media platforms might hinder your audience base. You will be obliged to divide your focus into many activities thus, your throughput. So it might be more beneficial to concentrate on one plan of action. 

YouTube is another way to manifest your work to people. With playlist audiograms, you can get more and more listeners every day. You should work on the graphics to help distinguish it from the rest of the suggested playlists. They are the main cover art for your show work to stand out visually and attract this App’s visitors. 

Email Marketing 

It is a procedure used by many marketing companies and content creators to have a close connection with their audience. What’s harder than gaining new listeners is true, keeping the old ones engaged and interested in your podcast. Emailing them every time you release something new or informing them with the live episodes and free offers is fundamental to build a strong bond between you and them. 

MISHA Eucephh host “tell them, I am “  explained this concept saying: “just understanding that you have to hustle to get people to listen and Whatever number you reach is an accomplishment and the story is the priority will probably get you further than you expect “.   

The bottom line is that if you enjoy doing it, just keep making it over time. A podcaster should take consistency as his/her mantra. Success may come within the first three episodes or may take 300 hundred; it is such an unpredictable lottery system.