Learn about Podcasting 101

Brands and individuals are always solving for ways to increase their discovery potential using various marketing channels. As everyone looks for innovative methods that improve their reach in all fields of business, technology marketing is always at the forefront. Newly developed bots, websites to applications, and techniques used for getting in front of your ideal audience are awash with noise.

But if you’re looking for a comfortable, inexpensive, and highly advanced method to get your brand, offering, product, or service in front of your target audience, podcasts should be your new best friend!

But what if you have heard the term Podcast before, but don’t know much more? Aside from being the easiest and most fun tool, a podcast is a compilation of digital audio files accessed from the internet. Once uploaded, a user can subscribe to the Podcast to receive the digital files. Pushing your message across this channel opens your product and service to a variety of new audiences who listen and subscribe to the Podcast. This target audience may have some overlap with other channels, but usually, 50-60% would be a brand new audience.

That sounds good, but again, why should Podcasting be used by all the operating companies, including yours today?

Why create a Podcast for your brand or yourself

  • Ease of creation

There aren’t many complicated steps involved in making a podcast. The equipment required for Podcasting is reasonably priced and also readily available. To make a podcast, you will need a high-quality microphone, headphones, and a topic you have a passion for.

  • Audience Connect

Hearing the presenter’s voice creates a stronger bond with your target audience than just reading the given information on a web page. Podcasts are the only medium to directly take your brand voice to your audience on the device of their choosing.

  • Brand Awareness

More sales are likely to be produced by products and services which maintain a high level of brand awareness. The popularity and accuracy of regularly timed podcasts allow the company to grow the brand into a familiar name within your target audience.

  • Improves competencies in public speaking

Hosting podcasts may help you build confidence when speaking in public. As an outcome, you can create a storyline and stick to the script when giving a keynote address at a conference or participating on a panel. You’d begin to develop a comfort with discussing your brand or service in a public forum.

  • Grow your Network

If you have an interview-style podcast, then interacting with your guests and learning about their journey will help you increase your network and your industry background. Podcasts help you create a relationship with others, which is more in-depth than just meeting at a conference or an event.

11 Podcasts to learn about Podcasting

The best way to learn more about Podcasting is to listen to the other Podcasts about Podcasting. This method will give you enough information and techniques about how podcasts work and how they can be the ultimate key to advancement and in your field.

Below we have listed some of the Podcasts which have helped us grow our Podcasting knowledge at Podcast Inc. Again the below list is no manner comprehensive or the best in the industry; its the ones which we found useful.

Podcasting Q&A

You’ll hear the best tips and strategies for launching, growing, and monetizing your Podcast on Podcasting Q&A. If you’re willing to attract more podcast listeners, promoting your Podcast on social media or creating high-quality content, Podcasting Q&A has everything you need to be effective. Each Monday, new episodes pop up. Travis Albritton hosts it.

Podcasters’ Roundtable

Besides sharing a great bunch of tips and tricks on how to improve your Podcast, Roundtable Podcasters is hosted by podcasting experts who have many ongoing discussions on different topics that revolve around how to be a more of an experienced podcaster in the process! It also includes an option of a chat live room with the hosts to contribute with them and let your curious mind ask more questions!

Podcasting Step-By-Step

So if Podcasting is brand new to you, this one will be your favorite Podcast to start. Hosted by Sarah Mikutel, Podcasting step-by-step is your guide to start knowing more about how to start and improve your Podcast. Not only this, but this Podcast will give you a shot of positive energy and boost your optimism, and what else can be better than this!

She Podcasts

Who runs the world? Yes, Girls! And they also rock as podcasters! Hosted by the powerhouses podcasting insiders Jessica Kupferman and Elsie Escobar, this show gives you informative, knowledgeable, expert advice on all facets of the podcasting industry, from ads and sponsorships to the latest and most excellent microphones and workflows.

School Of Podcasting

Known for being one of the longest-running podcasts, the School of Podcasting started back in 2005 and continues to shed light on Podcasting. Every episode features interesting and honest discussions focused on a particular pillar of the podcasting industry. The Host Dave Jackson, a pro podcaster, is also keen on giving great advice and feedback in a valuable and honest way!

Podcast Me Anything

The best way to learn is to ask, and there’s nothing more enthusiastic than finding the answer! Podcast Me Anything is all about receiving questions and giving useful and sensible answers about whatever you need to know about Podcasting. You ask and discuss and let Mathew Passy, The Podcast Consultant, and the host answer you!


Colin from PodcastHost is the host behind the Podcraft Podcast. This Podcast is your fully detailed reference to learn about starting a podcast from scratch. It works on the development of podcasters from beginners up to professionals in the podcast industry through providing them with tips on how to create good content, equipment needed, and the best way to grab the attention of your future audience.

Podcast Pontifications

Hosted By O.G. Podcaster and Evo Terra, this Podcast was mainly created by podcasts professionals to help you develop critical thinking skills needed to make the best future-proofed Podcast you can with today’s tools. With the hugely insightful advice they give, this Podcast is a great way to learn more about Podcasting in general. And it also tackles Podcasting’s future, embracing all the coming upheavals and disruption as we continue to gain market share.


Carey Green is the host of Podcastification, and he also runs a Podcast Production company. If you’re looking for a fun, easy, and creative podcast to learn about Podcasting as a whole, Podcastification works perfectly for you! You’ll get to discover more and more running through over 100 episodes discussing the tips and tricks of Podcasting through this Podcast. Not only this but, you’ll be able to listen to fascinating episodes covering so many different topics!.

Inside Podcasting

Skye Pillsbury has wholly devoted her show for interviewing podcast creators about their craft and their advice for beginners in this industry. Inside Podcasting is a show that can help you develop so many skills and learn to create the perfect Podcast of your own! In 2019 Inside Podcasting was nominated for “best new podcast” of the year by Discover Pods magazine

Podcast Engineering Show

Chris Curran is the Founder and Lead Instructor of Podcast Engineering School, who runs the Podcast Engineering Show. Chris chats with podcasters and audio experts about their podcast production equipment, software, and workflow. You will learn step-by-step how they are producing podcasts, solutions to common audio issues, and plenty of tips and tricks. By listening every week, you will glean a lot of audio engineering knowledge and skills that will make a big difference in the quality of your sound and save you a lot of time.

These eleven shows which we have listed above were selected as they have come highly recommended by our clients. Our advice for you is to get started on the journey of creating the ultimate Podcast of your desired topic or field of interest, and there are tons of podcasts to help you learn the process and get better at your craft.

Unlike other marketing tools or bots that may seem complicated to deal with, Podcasts are always simple, secure, and provide you a new channel for creativity. You can create a Podcast on whatever field or topics you’re interested in, you’ll always find an audience for it. The beautiful thing is that Podcasts also have a hugely educational side where you can humanize your brand or voice. Shows are cropping up daily, helping you learn a new language, improving your scientific skills, or knowing more about other cultures. Podcasts are also available in almost 50 languages worldwide, varying from English, French, German, Arabic, Hindi to Spanish and Portuguese.

We at Podcast Inc firmly believe that most brands should have their voice heard by their target audience. The Podcast journey, whether it is going on as a guest or starting your Podcast and discussing your product or services with other stakeholders in your industry is the best way to engage the listening audience.

We have a directory of services that can easily be used by new Podcasters to reduce the work on creating a new Podcast and marketing it to a broad audience. We recently wrote an article about the best Microphones for the new Podcasters. To understand how podcasts will impact the USA market, India Market, and the Arab World.