Major Podcasting Mistakes You Should Avoid

Written By Syrine Landosi

We all get a bit overly excited for the projects that we dream of especially if we see great potential in ourselves and feel the urge to prove it.

so, if the American dream for the last decade was to own a house, it's for now to launch your own business. It could be having an online shop or a famous project on a histogram or working on a community that can be beneficial to your community or even a podcast.

Most of the recent projects had been referred to as podcasts or online shops linked to gram's models.

If you are thinking to launch your new dream of podcast then you got to identify the major mistakes that should be avoided at any cost.

Stop Idealizing Others and Star on Your Own

We all have that one idol actor, blogger, YouTube, or even social influencer who made us dream about having our own business and add value to what the market already has.

But you must bear in mind that no one of them started from the top, they all made it through ups and downs, and even started from scratch. So, you'd rather not wait for the perfect time to kick your start but go steadily on your own.

It might take you a period to recognize if you really want to have your podcast or if it was just a fantasy and you're really not into it. There is nothing wrong to admit that we all get affected by social media and how people would talk about their transformations and journeys, but we need to know if we want this or not.

Once you're sure, you better start learning more about podcasting wholeheartedly.

Take Your Time, Don't Rush it ,Research it!

Yes! It is as simple as bonjour!

Take your time planning, working on your themes, phases, guests, and even the team that will be working with you. However it takes, if it is well structured it will eventually be a hit and your hard work will pay off eventually.

So if you are extremely excited, take a moment and breath. As it may seem podcasting for you is an easy project but as it is still in your hands and you can make from it a masterpiece that you'll always be proud of it.

Start by looking for other podcasts, try to look for a different way to realize your content, and be more specific about it. The more it is clear for your audience,  the more it will be useful for them and your community of followers will grow over time.

Another essential ingredient to bear in mind is to identify your targeted audience. The more it is clear in your vision, your mission will get easier, your themes will get more exciting and even your topics will be very very narrowed to what serves their benefits.

It's elementary to keep working on diverse themes and topics and even reflect on the problems that your audience is facing. Podcasting is not one-way communication, it can be more exciting than that only if the engagement is granted among your guests, you yourself, and your audience.

There are a plethora of methods to ensure great interaction. To mention but a few, link your website of podcasting with a fresh account for it on Instagram, post flyers about the cultural or intellectual background of your guests, and look for sponsors.

These already mentioned steps may seem old and worthless, but knowing when to do them is important. Timing is another key element in your strategic plan so pay more attention to it and work in-depth on it.

Invest in Your Podcast!

Investments can take different shapes and goals but when it comes to investing in your podcast it becomes a prerequisite to provide  All the tools before launching your podcast.

Despite the fact that podcasting is not a very demanding field but having access to a professional audio recording, a background noise isolator and some logistics that can help you with the voice quality is elementary.

You can take online courses or ask for advice about how much would it cost and where you can get the best quality items.

Sponsoring for ads about the goals of your podcast on Instagram can help you drive traffic to your podcast and more potential members in your community. Look for partnerships and collaborations to help you understand more what attracts your narrowed audience and what does not. Experiences can help understand and orient the attention to what you really want to add to the market. Podcasting.

Work on Collaborations and Make a Voice!

It might sound a bit irrational and useless to start looking for sponsors, collaboration offers, and even quite famous guests but the truth is quite the opposite.

Actually, after recording just your first early episodes and making sure of the date that you'll be posting them, you can start digging for any collaboration opportunities as a backup plan to help you make a noise while launching your podcast.  

They will make it easier for you to spread your content, to grasp the attention for a little while, and get across a huge number of audience.

Persistence is your road to success in this field, it might be easy to start but to be there in such a busy market is a difficult mission. Only if you want to be in the minds of your listeners and to make your podcasting a real full-time job for you not a hobby to work on it then you got to follow these pieces of advice and avoid all the mistakes.

With that being said, investments can take different shapes but it's mandatory to first identify your why behind this podcast. Get to know why you want to launch it, when, concerning which topics.

Persistence, clarity in vision, tight plan, and dynamic team to mark your start!