Podcasts for Postgraduates!

A blog by: Somaya AbuKhalil

The thousand mile journey starts with one single step and each one of us has a plan in mind after graduation as it is a major phase in our lives. However, since this interesting phase needs a push, we got you! In this article, you’ll get to have what you need just after a few episodes of those podcasts all about the newly started careers and postgraduate life routines.

Good Life Project

An episode every week to help boost your inspiration, motivation and passion.  According to their GLP website, This podcast basically aims for sharing inspirational, intimate and disarmingly-unfiltered conversations about living a fully-engaged, fiercely-connected and purpose-drenched life. So at any need of a push towards your upcoming new ideas, just give this podcast a listen!


This podcast helps you explore the several milestones in your life as a postgraduate seeking new opportunities and looking forward to your near future. It functions as a platform of transition between the university and postgraduate phase in your life. This podcast reflects the life of Megan Tan in a way that helps all listeners overcome their after-university-fun problems!

Career Talk: Learn, Grow, Thrive

Want to learn and have fun at the same time? Well, we found you the perfect podcast! Career Talk is where all fun, joyful and educational aspects meet together to give you the best professional advice about your future career! Stephanie Dennis hosts this podcast with full empowerment to her listeners helping them learn more about what their future life can look like according to their careers. This podcast was featured on New York Times, Forbes, The Business Insider and so many more proving how amazing it is!

Adulthood Made Easy

Big steps like shifting careers, paying taxes, moving to a new office and all that need some kind of an expert’s advice. This podcast tackles so many of  your concerns and answers your questions about this new stage of your life. Hosted by Sam Zabell who will tell you all what you need to know based on her experiences and struggles with adulthood to help make your own adulthood a lot more easier and better.

Bad With Money

Comedian Gaby Dunn hosts this podcast to basically help you find an answer to all your postgraduate financial problems and anything else that has to do with taxes, money, student loans, etc. Gaby has conversations with financial experts, journalists and psychologists who will help you overcome all those financial issues that can be questionable and embarrassing some other times. 

Financial Grownup 

Hosted by Bobbi Rebell, this show is your ultimate guide on how to save up and become on the world’s list of richest people! Since Bobbi is a certified financial planner, she helped so many people with their financial management plans. Alongside her guests, she shares many stories about how your money can leave a great impact on every chapter of your life. Worth the listening!

Side Hustle School

Want to hear some wonderfully inspiring exceptional success stories about starting new hustles every day? For those who want to be put on the beginning of the road of finding their dream career and excelling in what they will do in the future, this is the podcast for you! Hosted by Chris Guillebeau who will tell you all about investing in yourself and in your skills. Guilebeau is the New York Times bestselling author of The $100 Startup, The Art of Non-Conformity, and other books. He also visited all 193 countries! What a podcast and what a host!

The Freelancers’ Show

Since we’re in the era where successful freelancers shine, so many graduates now seek an opportunity to become a freelance writer, editor, designer and so many more freelancing positions. This Podcast, The Freelancers’ Show will guide you through your path as a newly started freelancer who wants to invest skills and ideas into new businesses. Who knows? You might actually excel as a freelancer! 

Don’t keep your day job

When it comes to doing what you love and getting paid for it, we all cannot hide our excitement. Cathay Heller talks with inspirational and successful entrepreneurs who will just boost your mind and soul to get up and look for what you love and seek a good career from it!  This podcast provides you with practical steps to get you on the track towards getting paid for a job you actually love and aspire for! 

How to be awesome at your job

Imagine that the host of this podcast had actually interviewed over 500 experts and still counting to help her listeners shine in their careers through her talks and pro-tips. Pete Mockaitis, the host of How to be awesome at your job,stands out when it comes to learning and sharing skill-sharpening insights. She has provided coaching sessions to more than 700 professionals of several big organizations like Amazon, FedX and even the United Nations! On her podcast, she’ll give you all hints you need to know about the upcoming career opportunities you’ll be working hard to seek!

And now, since you have a fresh bunch of amazing podcasts that are absolutely worth the time to listen to, we can’t wait to see you stand out in your career future and ace your postgraduate life with success, joy and just more and more success!