Podcasts Women Should Listen To

A Blog by: Somaya AbuKhalil

"A woman with a voice is, by definition, a strong woman." says Melinda Gates. Women do have powers of their own that make them stand out and shine when they have achieved even the simplest goals! In this article, we will empower all women by recommending a punch of podcast shows that all women should be listening to! From listening to inspiring stories about women in history to fashion, makeup and relationship-advice podcasts, our list is full!

Encyclopedia Womannica

Starting off with Encyclopedia Womannica, where Jenny and Liz Kaplan bring you stories that are full of pride and power about women throughout history. It’s one of many great ways to learn about women and their accomplishments. The episodes of this podcast are few minutes long making them simple, interesting and quick to listen to! In each episode, you’ll just enjoy knowing more about glorified women like Pat McCormick, Elizabeth Bentley, Frida Kahlo and more. 

The History chicks 

If you’re still into time-traveling to know about women in history, The History chicks will be one of your favorite podcasts! The hosts, Beckett Graham and Susan Vollenweider put much effort and passion into their episodes that mainly focus on stating historical facts about women. They’ve talked about Queen Victoria, Jane Austin and more of your favorite and should-know female figures.

Fashion No Filter

Up to more women-related topics? How about some podcasts in style? Fashion No Filter is on our list! Camille Charriere and Monica Ainley, the hosts, talk to you about some behind-the-scenes on how the fashion industry operates in addition to many updates on the fashion trends and more. This podcast will give you the ultimate push to know more about so many stuff in the fashion world! 

Breaking Beauty

Going shopping for some new items? Not before you listen to the Breaking Beauty podcast! This podcast functions as your guide in beauty products as Carlene Higgins and Jill Dunn tell you some mesmerizing stories behind the most iconic and trendy beauty products in markets. Whatever that comes on your mind, from skincare, hair care to all tips needed to master your fit and look! All in addition to  learning from the amazing minds who are influencing today's trends and ideas.

Fat Mascara

If you still need more beauty products reviews and tips on how to use, Fat Mascara would be on your listen-to podcasts. Biweekly episodes hosted by Jessica Matlin and Jennifer Sullivan who bring you everything you want and need from the beauty world. Not only this, but they also interview some of your favorite celebrities and talk with them about all what’s there in the beauty business. It’s one of the highly ranked podcasts in the beauty and fashion podcasts list!


All women deserve some pampering and who can do this better than women themselves? This podcast has the award for Best Beauty & Fashion Podcast at the iHeartRadio Podcast Awards. Forever35 podcast is your bestfriend when it comes to self-care,mentally and physically. Kate Spencer and Doree Shafrir will help you take the best care of yourself through their inspiring episodes alongside their guests from fellow authors and skincare professionals to friends and performers.

Forever35 on Apple Podcasts


How about some relationship talks? Unqualified, where Anna Faris simply answers some spicy phone calls of her listeners with her guests. Faris was inspired to start this podcast by another podcast called “ Serial “. She then devoted her charismatic persona to being the one giving relationship advice to her listeners who never miss an episode! Anna has a punch of very interesting episodes with known figures like Lilly Singh and more talking about all-female-can-relate topics. 

breakup BOOST Relationship Advice

And we didn’t forget some of the emotional topics when women are in need of some confronting piece of advice for them to be stronger and feeling better. The breakup BOOST Relationship Advice hosted by Trina Leckie who talks to you in 200+ episodes and tell you what you exactly need to hear to help boost your happiness again. This one for real is an empowering podcast for all women!

Where Should We Begin?

With its fourth podcast and hosted by therapist Esther Perel,  this podcast tells different stories of couples exploring the hidden lines in their relationships helping all listeners with their own issues in a wonderful storytelling therapy episode style. Esther Perel describes this podcast as a podcast for anyone who ever loved. Perel herself is recognized as one of today’s most insightful and original voices on modern relationships so you’ll actually be listening to an expert.

Where Should We Begin? with Esther Perel by Gimlet

Why Won't You Date Me?

A comedy podcast for relationship-related topics. Hosted by Nicole Byer who is originally a comedian, actress and author. Byer and her guests, who are often comedians like her, entertain the listeners by discussing topics that have to do with dating, love, and such. In most episodes, the guest usually critiques Byer's online dating profiles then they close the episode by discussing whether or not they would date her personally and why.

Amazon.com: Why Won't You Date Me? with Nicole Byer: Team Coco & Nicole Byer

Yalla Bye

A unique podcast hosted by the two sisters Menatullah and Hager ElDaas who spend their episodes integrating with Arab women who can relate to multiple issues they tackle. With their discussion, they seek a middle ground for Arab women to find a wonderful venue where they can honestly express themselves about various topics. Their episodes include topics on work, relationships, family issues, growing up Arab, and marriage. It’s a wonderful way to get to discover more about women in this side of the world as well! 


All the way from Berlin, a group of feminists host this wonderfully interesting podcast to empower women by tackling important topics in their episodes. Paola, Marwa, Rasha, Jojo and Abir cover various topics like marriage, relationships, immigration, transphobia and identity crisis. According to their podcast website, The podcast provides a space for all women from different parts of the world to openly “talk, participate, think, shout, cry, laugh, become angry, love, and raise their voices. We will be cursing, dancing, singing, playing music, and songs that reflect our moods and current state. We will also be reading, telling stories, and everything else in between.” Extremely powerful!