Routines Of A Podcaster

Being a podcaster can be a full-time job sometimes. That’s why we present you with this blog to give you a guide on how to adapt your daily routines to your profession as a podcaster. It may take a while to adapt to the life of a podcaster, but if you’re committed enough you’ll pass. 

Always Be On The Lookout For The Presence Of Wonder

If you pay close attention to your daily habit, you will figure that you can find inspiration for your podcast everywhere you go. Whether you’re watching the news or walking your dog. You never know when you’re going to see the thing that’s going to inspire you and tell the world about it. 

Upload Your Episodes On A Specific Day And Time 

Studies have shown that people are prone to habits in everything they do. Therefore, experiment first to see the timing when you have the most listeners and the most interactions and establish your weekly or monthly uploading time.

It may take a while at first to get the hang of uploading on the same time every week or every other day, but it’s a surely effective way to improve your podcast. 

Record And Edit Your Podcasts Two Days in Advance To Uploading

We all have been through that period where we leave things to the last moment and end up regretting it. That is why: organization is the key, set up a schedule to record and edit your podcasts at least twice a week. 

For example, if you’re uploading your podcast by Saturday, set a deadline for yourself to record it by Wednesday and upload it by Saturday. This is a great way to hold yourself accountable and at the same time, stay on track with your work. 

That’s it for today! We know it’s an extremely short blog but every podcaster should create their own routines according to their needs and preferences. But we know for sure that consistency is the  key for success. 

This post was authored by our wonderful interns who joined us on November 1, 2020 to learn from and help Podcast Inc grow. The author of this article is Eya Chafroud from Tunisia.