Spotify Launches Spotify Ad Analytics for Powerful Ad Measurement

Spotify has introduced Spotify Ad Analytics, a game-changing tool for advertisers and agencies to measure the impact of their ads. By integrating Podsights' capabilities, Spotify now offers a unified platform for measurement and analytics, revolutionizing ad evaluation on the platform.

This update also benefits podcast publishers, who can now track conversion and attribution for direct sales. Advertisers gain centralized visibility into the performance of their digital audio ads, regardless of their investment location. Megaphone-hosted publishers will enjoy streamlined measurement operations and sales enablement.

The best part? Spotify Ad Analytics is free and user-friendly. Advertisers can evaluate the success of their campaigns using Spotify Brand Lift reporting, tracking ad recall, awareness, and consideration.

What you will see

Spotify Ad Analytics gives advertisers tools to better understand the impact of their ads across Spotify and beyond.

  • Measure all of your ads on Spotify across music and podcasts.
  • Learn from your digital audio campaigns off Spotify, too.
  • Get actionable insights in real–time, all in one centralized dashboard.
  • Access lift reporting to understand the effectiveness of your ads.

The Spotify Pixel has also been enhanced, enabling conversion tracking and attribution for all ad formats, including music and podcasts. It tracks online behavior and in-app engagement, regardless of whether ads were purchased through Spotify or other podcast publishers, at no extra cost.

With improved accuracy and insightful reporting, Spotify Ad Analytics offers a holistic view of unique listeners reached across audio, video, and display ads.

Available globally, Spotify Ad Analytics expands measurement services to 11 markets.

This launch demonstrates Spotify's commitment to data-driven decision-making, and optimizing the effectiveness of advertising campaigns.