The Power of Storytelling in Podcasting

Written By Syrine Landosi

We are definitely made out of stories, we live by them and live to create a new set of them. But, have you ever thought of the importance of Storytelling on your podcast, or is it something new you hear about.

Accordingly, we humans love to hear a lot about old adventures, taking risks, and other stories that cause the rise of our adrenaline in the blood. However, with the advance of science and technology, they are more intrigued to hear about success stories, self_made actresses, and the journey of others around the world.

How to tell Your Story the Best Way Possible 

Though it seems hard to master your skills of public speaking and to nail your stories all at the same time.

It won't be easy at first but to do so you must follow clear yet efficient rules. To mention but a few of them, enroll in a storytelling class. With this global pandemic, it's easier and a way for Safire to enroll for online classes that are featured and rated by others who tried it before. It increases the credibility and the authenticity of those who delivered their testimonials on the page of the course or the tutorial.

It is essential to mention that this skill is as essential as any other skill of debating, communication, and even of public speaking. In fact, it has tremendous impacts on several levels in your professional life or even a personal one.

Practice Makes Perfect

It's evident that the more you practice, the better your skills are. This goes the same way with the skill of storytelling. After enrolling and attending your classes, it's high time now to start practicing a little bit.

The big question is how? And when?

My answer to you is to start small.YES, like you read it. Start small. Start by telling jokes around your squad, then try to tell Your stories about your topic or focus in front of your friends.

The latter step is to try to prepare for stories that go in line with the purpose of each episode you prepare.

you can also record your stories and send them to your friend to help you choose which one to go with as an ice breaker or a teaser for your new episode or any special ones.

Create Your Stories For Your Podcast

Creating your stories doesn't mean you have to remember an old story that would fit in the content of your episodes.

Instead of this,  learn how to make up your own stories, how to craft them in a professional way that would make people keep listening to you.

Be aware we are not talking about living. You better focus on the topic of the episode of your theme and look for any incidents of things you have been through during the past couple of days or even weeks.

Try to look for the bond between them and make it simple and easy to grasp for the listeners. You can include other people's stories or stories you heard about or watched previously.

This would not only add your podcast a touch of credibility and authenticity but also would help you to be seen from a multidimensional perspective.

In other words, your listeners will no longer think of you as the one behind the micro who enjoys telling stories of his life and childhood. Even if you were seen as a self-centric person, this would meet an end very soon.

By including simple stories of other peoples or even of celebrities will make you seen as an opportunity to educate themselves and even to share their point of views with you.

This would help you to be marked as an approachable person who had a much similar childhood to his followers. This indeed will delete any kind of ambiguity between how you truly are and what you want to reflect on and share as content through your podcast.

The story could be on how you discovered your love for growing organic plants and how you decided to search how you can bring such a change to your community.

Your stories can be told in numerous ways and still serve your podcast. You can share them on your Instagram page and ask your followers to follow your podcast page.

You can announce a special new episode for a limited period of time with very specific goals and share a story behind it.

Your stories and all your techniques will help you to promote your personal brand. If you want to be recognized as a compassionate person you got to share stories of people who believe in kindness and who would follow it as their life motto.