What Celebrity Podcasts Taught Us About Life

Podcasting has been a crowded market for the last few years. Certain celebrities had initiated their talk shows or podcasts to reach out to their audience, and invest in their free time. With the growing attention, interviewing other celebrities and having them as guests had become another increasing factor to boost their performance.

In this blog, I thought of listing a few yet very powerful and important lessons other celebrities shared in different podcasts.

How To Deal With Rejection

Rejection with its various parts and outputs will be never tolerated with ease and comfort. If it is related to personal life, professional life, or even to social life, it will always target the part of insecurities. By the time, you learn to deal and move fast to the next thing you are caught to do, but its impact will never be dealt with easily. 

It is of utmost importance to bear in mind that once you are rejected from a work, from a group of people, or even a person, then you'll have to look forward to the next step or thing you want to do. Do not dwell on the pain of being left behind or of being underestimated in your business field or in any other field. 

Instead and though it's hard at the beginning, you need to be more aware of your value as a human being, as a human project in progress, and as an investor in your skills. This is the only way to create a sparkle within you and get to be busy with fruitful things.

Simone Sinek recently said that passion is the output of dedication, work, and sacrifice to make the work a great one. So, you got to go experiencing, testing, and finding your real passion so you can invest more in it.

Always Have A Plan B

It's never too late to start all over and start with your plan B as if it was your plan A. Wait, I know this sounds to max out, but hear me out to the very end of it. No one of us went through success as a line. There are always ups and downs and the moments when we need to reflect and make quick decisions.

It would be pretty amazing if we anticipate a bit of the downs and ensure a ready and well-crafted plan B. It can take a few trials, more time for execution, and even more efforts but by the end of the journey, this plan is your best shot before giving up on the whole idea.

Consistency & Courage

Be consistent towards your goals regardless of all the failures and the turn-offs you'll face. Be courageous to face all the downs and start all over again with the same level of energy, commitment, and excitement. 

Consistency and Courage are two faces for the same coin, you 'll learn more than ever only if you are brave to accept your weakness, your failures, and to aim for more. Courage could be in the content you're shedding light on, could be in the interviews you're having.

Keep Yourself Updated

With the rapid technology development, no one can predict the update in any new application or website that can make a tremendous relief at your work. It could help you to visualize  your future steps and how awesome it could be within a period of time. 

Learning more about your idol's tools, tactics, and even how they initiated their business or journeys could be also of utmost importance and could work on delivering better perspectives and inspiring you to make more progress on your own.

Change Is The New Norm

Change is the only stable thing in our lives. It will cost you sometimes a lot of effort, to just realize that it is the way it is. In other words, you can only learn to adapt and refine your skills of being solution-oriented, adjust your flexibility, and mostly never lose faith in what you're aiming at. Change can be a redirection to observe your needs for growth.

2020 had been a major illustration of the need to go virtual and to explore the wonders of e_communication. Certain events could be a milestone in our daily lives as it could utterly change our habits, perspectives, and even shift our mindset. Endorsing change can help in adjusting to any unexpected circumstances and to be more focused on being solution-oriented.

This post was authored by our wonderful interns who joined us on November 1, 2020 to learn from and help Podcast Inc grow. The author of this article is Syrine Landolsi from Tunisia.