What Podcasts To Listen To In 2023

The podcasting world continues to expand at a breakneck pace, with over a million shows and counting. With so many options out there, it can be tough to determine what is actually worth a listen. As we approach 2023, here are some top highly-rated podcast picks across different genres that are definitely worth adding to your playlist for the new year:

Business - How I Built This with Guy Raz: This NPR podcast offers an inside look at some of the most successful companies in the world through intimate interviews with their founders. Guy Raz digs into the origin stories behind big brands like Spanx, Patagonia, Airbnb, and more to uncover the key moments that defined these entrepreneurs' journeys. The episodes are consistently insightful for anyone looking to start a business or appreciate the risks taken by innovators.

True Crime - To Live and Die in LA: This serial documentary style podcast from journalist Neil Strauss is a deep dive investigation into the mysterious disappearance of an aspiring actress named Adea Shabani. The twists and turns are edge-of-your-seat as Strauss uncovers a shadowy trail of suspicious people involved in her life in Hollywood. Backed by extensive research, this immersive story unfolds like a dark thriller.

Science - Ologies with Alie Ward: Part science lesson, part comedy, this podcast explores a new field of science in each wildly entertaining episode. Host Alie Ward interviews real experts to shed light on their niche obsessions, from volcanoes to bats, ants, fermentation, extra-terrestrials and beyond. Alie's infectious curiosity and sense of humor makes any topic fascinating and fun.

Politics - Axios Today: This daily news podcast from Axios keeps listeners informed on the latest political developments in Washington and around the world in 20 minutes or less. Mike Allen and his team quickly and concisely cover the headlines you need to know and conduct interviews with high-profile newsmakers. The reporting is factual, trustworthy and goes beyond surface-level coverage.

Health - Maintenance Phase: This critically-acclaimed podcast takes a closer look at health fads and misconceptions, from keto to Goop. Hosts Aubrey Gordon and Michael Hobbes blend debunking with humor, science and cultural analysis to dig into the research, biases and influencers shaping the wellness industry. A must-listen for making sense of conflicting diet advice.

Fiction - Bridgewater: This serialized audio drama has been described as Twin Peaks meets Serial. The creepy mystery series follows a folklore professor searching for his missing professor in rural Oregon. Supernatural elements and an immersive soundscape draws the listener deep into an eerie small town with sinister secrets.

Whether you're into comedy, sports, pop culture, news or specific niches like investing or spirituality, there's an incredible range of podcasts out there to satisfy any interest. As you explore both new shows and established hits in the coming year, happy listening! What podcasts are you most looking forward to in 2023? Let us know in the comments