Why Your Podcast Needs a Show notes and a Transcript?

When it comes to understanding the importance of show notes for your podcast, it’s best to think of them as a crucial part of your podcasting workflow. Creating show notes for your episode is just as important as publishing the episode itself. They provide great SEO value for your podcast website, and they give listeners extra details on both the episode and your guest.

Despite their crucial role, many podcasters struggle with creating consistent show notes due to lack of time or because they simply don’t know what to include in the show notes themselves. Unfortunately, the lack of show notes can be a major turnoff for potential listeners.

In this post, we’ll discuss the importance of show notes, Let’s get started!

What are Show notes?

Podcast show notes are a page or post on your website describing what happened during a podcast episode. Show notes also often list any additional resources mentioned on the episode and provide guest bios and other relevant content.

On the other hand, an episode summary is one paragraph that details only a few high-level points. The summary is a gist, while show notes are more comprehensive.

Where your audience can access show notes and summaries differs as well. Summaries are attached to each episode and appear within most podcast listening apps. Within Spotify, users can click on each episode’s title to reveal the summary. Pod Save America, for example, summarizes their episodes in 2-3 sentences with a brief call-to-action on how to get in touch with the hosts.

Repurpose Great Content

One of the best ways to save time is by using your podcast show notes as a blog post. You can also use them for repurposing content in other formats such as iTunes descriptions, making it easier and more efficient than ever before! publish regularly, so that you're always top-of-mind with listeners who may have missed an episode or want updates on new releases.

SEO & Content Promotion

If you’ve been thinking about adding SEO benefits to your content, then it might be time. The best way is by publishing show notes alongside audio podcasts so they can both rank highly in search engines and provide additional value for listeners who want more information on what was discussed during an episode or how certain topics related back them personally- this will help improve their ranking too! And just like any good blog post would do (with keywords), creating informative yet concise entries that include relevant tags improves not only the quality but also quantity of organic traffic from Google results - which means higher rankings over all.

The title and description of your podcast are powerful tools for driving traffic to it. Make sure they reflect the content you want people searching online, which will help them find their favorite show!

Expand on Details

When you're producing podcasts, it's easy for listeners to miss important details. Having show notes alongside each episode ensures that people can go back and review key points or any information they may have missed while listening in order not only to supplement what was said on-air but also give them greater insight into the topics at hand through additional sources outside of just one perspective from an interviewee - which could be seen as bias if taken alone without context (and often will). This gives all parties involved opportunities: You get your own thoughts out there; subscribers receive extra insights beyond those offered within individual episodes themselves; creators increase understanding.

Create A Valuable Resource

One of the great things about having your own podcast is how accessible it can be. You'll often find yourself in situations where not all members have time to listen throughout an entire episode, so instead, they will tune in and ask questions that you've answered before or links leading them straight towards what they need help exploring more deeply . This also means old episodes might come up frequently while searching for answers - just point these listeners toward one place with everything discussed on-hand: Your Show Notes!

When the guest asks podcasters what their favorite app, tool or book is to recommend on a podcast episode- you can bring up your own personal favorites in conversation and link them directly from within show notes. This could turn into an incredible resource that new listeners will want access to after listening so make sure not only do they find it valuable but also enjoyable!

What Your Podcast Show notes Should Include

Not everyone includes the exact same information in their show notes, and I’ll provide you with some unique ideas later in this article. First, let’s address the most crucial items that you should include in your podcast show notes:

  • A 100 to 200-word Summary
  • Guest’s Full Name
  • Social Media links for the Podcast/Guests
  • Links for Sponsors or Affiliates
  • Short Thanks for Listening
  • Call-to-Action to Review and Share

Not only Show notes are important but a transcript of your episode.

Put simply, a podcast transcript is a document that lays out, word-for-word, what was spoken during your podcast episode. ... Search engines do not index the information recorded within digital audio files, so generating a transcript makes your podcast searchable online.

How podcast transcripts benefit you

Some podcasters make the mistake of thinking that podcast transcripts serve no purpose. They are just an extra unnecessary expense. This couldn’t be further from the truth. Podcast transcripts help podcasters in the following distinct ways:

  1. Podcast transcripts improve your SEO rankings. Since search engines only index text, not audio, without a transcript of your podcast you lessen the chances of being found online.
  2. Podcast transcripts strengthen your credibility and authority. This is because more content on your website can help enhance your position as an expert in your subject area.
  3. You can reach more of your audience in ways convenient to them. When you make consuming your content easier, this builds loyalty among your subscribers.
  4. The more content that is available about your podcast online will mean that you come up in more search results. This can drive more traffic back to your website.

Using podcast transcripts to build your audience

When you’re trying to make a name for yourself, podcast transcripts can help you establish yourself as a credible voice among the masses. A podcast transcript can make the difference between people finding you online or not at all. Don’t leave your best content locked up in audio files that can’t be queried in search engines. Podcast transcripts help you build your audience in several ways, including:

  • Connecting with deaf and hard-of-hearing audience members. The World Health Organization estimates that there are over 360 million people in the world with a hearing disability. This is a large segment of the population that you could be missing out on unless you have podcast transcripts.
  • Being convenient and accessible. Not everyone will always have 30 to 60 minutes to listen to your entire podcast. But, when a podcast transcript is available, it can be read while commuting, while sitting in a waiting room or wherever is convenient for your subscriber.
  • Increasing social leverage. With podcast transcripts, you give your audience members more ways to share and comment on your content via LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.
  • Make your podcast citable. When your podcast transcripts are available online, your listeners can easily query something you spoke about and cite you. This helps ensure that what you said is quoted accurately.

Podcast transcripts can help you generate content

Content generation is more important than ever to keep you and your podcast top of mind. But coming up with new content is time-consuming and challenging; especially high-quality content that is meaningful to your audience. Many producers overlook that they are sitting on a treasure-trove of content until they realize they can generate transcripts of their podcasts. Plus, although millions of people listen to podcasts, others don’t listen at all. This means you can reach an entirely new audience of people who don’t consume podcasts the traditional way. What’s more, you can adapt your podcast transcripts to create whitepapers, eBooks or even blog posts.

To Wrap Up

The transcript and show notes are important for your podcast, we know how busy you can be with some aspects of it. That's why our team offers services that will help make sure the quality is there to keep up in reputation! You could try doing this on your own but where mistakes happen or errors occur they should not ruin anything because human proofreading helps fix these issues before anything gets released onto airwaves which would damage their future endeavors as well.