Why Your Podcast Needs A Trailer

Trailers send hints about the show before the full watch. Podcast Trailer does the same job for attracting a potential audience to have an idea before you drop your series of episodes. Just like movie trailers, it has the most interesting ideas you’re intending to present which will grab their attention & make them come back for more. 

Try Before You Buy

While checking something on Forbes, I came across an article talking about the appeal of trying before you buy and how Online models are now letting their customers try the item for a certain time before making up their mind. 

Podcast trailers play it easy, a less than 60-sec audio can grab the attention & convince people to keep listening & take a quick look at the other episodes. So the trick is a captured record telling the message of the show.

Pave The Way for The Tone

Trailers pave the way for the audience to get acquainted with your tone as a podcaster, which gives you the chance to let your voice produce a whole lot of expression. Yet, the simpler the voice, the better it is.  

It also tells much about the outcome of the episode whether entertaining or educating, generating laughs or tears.

Play The Picky

Podcast trailers can be easily created by taking out a bit of an already material you’ve recorded in case you’re doing it before going live, which is a highly recommended tip. You can include some interesting parts to give the listeners a hint of what will be discussed in the episode. 

Your favorite moments in the episode can hold a whole trailer. In case your show features interviews with people in your niche or whatever genre, you can take some of the appealing moments to let the listeners get a sense of what will be shown. 

In the hosting shows, you need to let people feel the chemistry between you and your co-host, therefore, you can include some of the hilarious segments. For sole podcasters, a written script and some rehearsal can help much to create a killer trailer. 

Highlights always win so whenever you are in the process of choosing the audio to include in the trailer, pick the killer highlights by which you’ll capture their interest & give them a quick hint about the value you deliver. 

This post was authored by our wonderful interns who joined us on November 1, 2020 to learn from and help Podcast Inc grow. The author of this article is Gihad Ahmed from Egypt.