Why Your Podcast Needs A Trailer

It's a question that many people ask themselves when they first start their podcast: "Do I need a trailer?" The answer is yes. Your podcast needs a trailer, and you can't just create one from scratch. You need to find an animation or video editing software that will allow you to make your own professional-level trailer without hiring someone else to do it for you. In this blog post, we're going to discuss the benefits of having a trailer and why is it important.

What is a Podcast Trailer?

Similar to TV, podcast teaser trailers are usually played at the end of your show to promote the next episode. Give your listeners a reason to come back by previewing a few captivating moments from the next episode.

What should be in a podcast trailer?

What should be in a podcast trailer?

An effective podcast trailer should:

  1. Make a clear promise that the show will deliver on.
  2. Explain the who, what, when, and why of the show.
  3. Be truthful (not misleading). Don't promise what you can't deliver.
  4. Whet the listener's appetite. ...
  5. Include a clear CTA to subscribe, follow, or favorite.

What are the benefits of having a podcast Trailer?

The first thing that you need to remember about your podcast trailer is its integral role in establishing a connection between the show and potential new listeners. This way, when people see or hear about it through other channels like social media posts they will know exactly what type of content we're talking over thanks largely because our awesomely-made trailers give them an idea for themselves!

A cleverly crafted video can turn those who happen upon us into loyal followers as well - which couldn't be easier than simply putting one up on Directory Pages everywhere (or even just hosting locally)! You should also consider embedding this attractive promotional tool somewhere prominent; say next door at home base,

  • Trailers are your first impression. ...
  • Trailers are your elevator pitch. ...
  • Trailers grow your audience earlier. ...
  • Trailers promote your show. ...
  • Trailers can evolve.

Let's say you have a show that focuses on the latest fashion trends. You could apply this same strategy by looking for other shows in your niche or even outside of it, and then inquiring if they would be willing to play one preview clip from yours during their program so listeners can get an idea of what type of content is available when tuning into them online (or digitally). It should also be mentioned some Podcast networks may require podcasters who want access.

Recording a podcast trailer boosts the discoverability of your show and gives you the opportunity to hook new listeners by giving them a sneak preview.

Here are some things to keep in mind when creating your podcast trailer:

Keep it under one minute.

You don't have much time to make a first impression, so use it wisely. Your trailer is an elevator pitch that can help you get your point across concisely and quickly; start by setting the intention of what message or idea this show conveys in just over one minute - then work with whatever else comes up along its way!

Introduce yourself.

What’s your background? What’s your role in the podcast? What inspired you to make this show in the first place? If you’re an expert on a particular topic, let us know. Your trailer is a chance to tell your story and attract new listeners by sharing your passion and personality.

Introduce your show.

Give a quick overview of your podcast so that listeners know what they can expect from full-length episodes. Do you have a weekly interview show, where every week is an episode in and of itself? Maybe the first half of each new one revolves around reading astrology forecasts for this month while answering listener-submitted questions about it at the end; then on another occasion throughout all different genres - true-crime series is just one example--you might focus more heavily than usual during certain periods discussing various topical issues going viral online right now like net neutrality or gun control legislation.

It’s your podcast, but shorter.

Creating a podcast is more than just recording audio. It's an art form that requires careful planning and creative foresight to make your show stand out in today’s competitive market! One way you can do this? Incorporating everything from sound effects, background music,. or production elements into trailers for potential audiences on iTunes - because we know how difficult it may be when starting out without knowing what will work best yet!.

Ahead of time: incorporating relevant visuals like images with captions; adding interactivity by having guests answer questions live during taping sessions (and then posting those videos online); branding yourself through social media channels such as Facebook Live streams so people get familiar seeing who they are listening too before subscribing.

Sell your strengths.

With so many podcasts out there, it's hard to stand apart from the crowd. This doesn't mean you should stick with promoting your show like every other person on earth does; instead, focus some time and energy into figuring what makes yours special--and then remind listeners about all those benefits during each episode!

Include a call-to-action.

The ultimate purpose of your trailer is to promote the podcast. Make sure you have clear instructions on what listeners should do next: listen, subscribe or follow! You can direct them towards a particular episode if that’s where they won't start, but I recommend encouraging as many people as possible to follow all social media avenues (such as Spotify) so it will be easier for someone who might not know about this show yet find out and get hooked as we did!

Include call-to-action in any way possible - whether it's telling them how much time has passed since their last dose by dateline us with “it felt impossible till now…you made my life better than I ever knew it could be”, or tease the next episode in your series.

Some Do’s and Don’ts of Podcast Trailers


Include the name of your show. This may sound obvious, so obvious, in fact, that it can be overlooked! Remember that a podcast trailer has no visual aids to enhance the message, so it is important that you state the name of your podcast clearly at least twice in your trailer.

Give a brief description of your show. Let your potential listeners in on what your show is about, and what they’ll get from tuning in to your podcast. This could be a straight-up synopsis of your podcast, but you could also get creative in the way you share what your show is about. Take the lead from your audience. What are they going to respond to most readily? Cold-hard facts? Mystery and intrigue? A little comedy? Use this as a starting point for the content of your trailer and create that bite-size masterpiece that appeals to your audience and aligns seamlessly with your show.

State where your show can be found. This can be seen as your call to action. You must make sure that you let your potential listeners know where they can find your podcast, and what they should do when they do find it (Hint: SUBSCRIBE!) Your trailer should also mention any of the other platforms where listeners can connect and engage with you, whether that be your Instagram or Twitter handle, the name of your YouTube channel, or the URL of your website. Not only does this help your listeners know that you have a notable presence and are dedicated to your craft, but it also shows them that you have a whole variety of exciting content to share with them.


Make your trailer too long. You want to include a comprehensive description of your show, but you also don’t want your listeners tuning out because your trailer is just too lengthy. Aim to make your trailer no longer than 30 seconds.

Clog your trailer. This just means that while it’s important for your trailer to contain solid information, you need to avoid giving your listeners an information overload! You want to whet their appetite and get them wanting more – you don’t want them to feel as if you’ve force-fed them all they can stomach!

Use your trailer for outside advertisements. You have a limited time within a trailer to promote your show, you should not waste precious minutes promoting something else! Your trailer needs to point listeners directly to your show and to all that you offer.

Make promises you can’t keep. As much as trailers are meant to get you interested and invested in the main attraction, the secret to a great trailer is one that is an honest reflection of a show. In other words, it doesn’t promise something grand and then delivers something bland! A great trailer is one that sets the show that follows up for success by allowing it to shine brighter. Too often, we get excited by trailers whose subsequent movies do not deliver on all that was promised. Even though you’re seeking to grab the interest of your potential listeners, you need to be honest as to what your show is and what it seeks to do.

To Wrap Up

Why use a trailer? Well, it’s no secret that people love trailers. They get us excited for our favorite movies and TV shows before we even know what's happening! Creating one can help with getting new listeners hooked on your podcast - whether you're looking to generate interest pre-launch or just want more folks listening in general, an exciting video is definitely something worth considering as part of your arsenal. So remember: include all the necessary details but don't be too boring when delivering them; think outside of the box to create a catchy and intriguing trailer; and lastly, make sure the quality is there so people actually want to watch it. With those tips in mind, go forth and start creating!